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What’s the Difference Between Quadrant & Offset Quadrant Enclosure

When doing a bathroom renovation and creating a modern bathroom, many people opt to ditch the bath tub and move towards a much fancier and more space saving shower enclosure. Shower enclosures tend to have glass doors (sometimes frosted glass) and they provides a much more modern look. There are several different styles of shower enclosures, but for the more modern look, most people tend to go with a quadrant of a cubicle.

One of the advantages of shower enclosure is the fact that you can install multiple shower heads. Many shower enclosures provide three or more shower heads to spray you with water at several different angles also known as body jets. You can also install a shower column, which adds multiple jets of water to your shower experience. So, Whats is a Quadrant shower enclosure and shower cubicle and how they are different? Read the points below to know the differences

Quadrant shower enclosures can be fitted into a small bathroom, without giving a cramped look.

Quadrant shower allows you to use a corner space in a bathroom; its corner entry allows easy access and gives a fab look every time you use the bathroom. Quadrant shower enclosures features sliding doors that means you do not need to think about the space an open door would take. Also the doors use smooth gliding technology, which means there would be no hinges to corrode and become misaligned. However, if you are DIY Bathroom builder you might find quadrant doors tricky to set up correctly. A professional builder is required to fix the entire quadrant enclosure. If you are still confused you can have a look at the range of Shower Quadrants.

What’s the Difference

The difference between quadrant and offset quadrant is that offset ones are generally larger; they are oblong in shape with one corner rounded off. Ordinary quadrant showers are square with one corner rounded off. In both these options, the doors are situated at the rounded corner.

If you have a larger bathroom and you want a great-looking shower with more space, then you may require offset-quadrant shower. You can still have the dramatic curved doors that take up no space, but the shower tray has a larger area because it is the same width but is longer.

How QS Supplies Can Help

You can buy offset quadrant showers to suit any space and our QS Supplies staff members are trained to help you to turn your rough sketch with measurements into a finished bathroom. To make QS Supplies a better place to shop we offer innovative solutions to improve the quality of Bathroom and home decor to UK and European Consumers.

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