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New Innovation in Toilets and WC with Apple MAC

The most boring, and quietist place in human’s life is a Toilet or WC. But with this innovative invention of Toilet people can even enjoy their stay in toilet. I know people are passionate about iPod and Mac air book, but I could have never imagined that to build a toilet with iPod and Mac air book. Where people can read news on Mac air book and also listen to the favourite music.

The Toilet is just so unique. This toilet has Mac Book Air Docking Slot. Heated Seat for Extra comfort. iPod Dock. Multi Touch Flusher. Integrated Surround Sound System.

And the unique name of this Toilet is AIR POO. Manufactured by LOLZ LLC, this is brand new unique innovation in bathroom industry.

Toilet WC
Toilet With MAC Notebook
Toilet With MAC Notebook

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