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A Chance for Britain to Join Together and Celebrate with the Queens Diamond Jubilee!

With the Queens Diamond Jubilee about to take place on the 2- 5 June, there are all kinds of preparations being made. I can reminder, way back in 1977, when we celebrated the Queen’s 25th Jubilee, I was only 5 years old and it all seemed like a great fun. Of course, the last major jubilee celebration was the Queen’s 50th, in 2002; the celebrations were not quite the way one would have expected. The royal family had suffered from a bad press in those times and that was evident in the overall impact, resultant to the kind of money that was spent on the celebration. But it seems the royal family has won back the British hearts with the marriage between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

I, for one, am rather glad to see the Royal family’s popularity improve; don’t get me wrong, I am no royalist, but I do see the benefit of bringing together a nation and these marked occasions can be the cement to better times ahead. What with the increase in the Pound’s strength and what looks to be a better economy on the horizon, or with the start of the third Olympic Games to be held in London this summer! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee may be just the celebration we Brits need.

To mark the advent, an extended holiday weekend has been given, along with the Epsom Derby on the 2nd; Big Jubilee Lunches being held around the country on the 3rd, as well as Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. There will be a concert at Buckingham Palace on the 4th with the Jubilee celebration; Beacons being lit around the world to celebrate the 60 years of the Queen’s reign, both here and across the Commonwealth. Finally, on 5th June, there will be a carriage procession where the general public will be able to watch as the Queen and other members of the Royal family make their way from Buckingham Palace to attend a national service of thanksgiving at St.Paul’s Cathedral.

Of course, there will be celebrations and parties around the world to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, so, wherever you are, you’ll get the opportunity to join in. The Canadian government is investing $7.5 million to increase public awareness; I am not sure how the Canadian’s feel about that.

The one thing that really reverberates in my mind about the Queen’s 25th Jubilee back in 1977, is the commemorative mug we were all given at school then; had I kept it, it may have been worth something now. So, it’s no surprise that a £100 note is being issued to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, and John Lewis offering a range of mugs, medals and playing cards. There are also a range of t-shirts being offered on various websites; I am not quite sure who all will be wearing these t-shirts; I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in one; maybe we will get to see them when we watch the Queen’s procession. Selfridges too are in on the act as you might expect; they have a rather nice English china tea pot as well as a biscuit tin.

So, here at QS Supplies, we didn’t want our customers to feel left out, and therefore, as a proud introduction, we offer The Jubilee Toilet, to mark the celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This will just be part of the various Jubilee offers we shall be holding over the Jubilee weekend; so, keep your eyes peeled and your mouse at the ready. It’s good to have a party once in a while.

So, don’t miss out on the upcoming celebrations, both here at QS Supplies as well as around the world!

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