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Illuminate your home decor with Plust’s astonishing Polyethylene Lighting

Acclaimed for glamour, beauty personified, the Plust’s illustrious range of Polyethylene Lighting is sheer enigma. Apparently, settling as a benign collection in every setting whether internal or external, they are classy and serve as apt choices to having graceful environs. The exquisitely compiled range consists of Harbo and Boyo, and they are ideal in lighting up with resplendence.


They simply exude with vibrant radiance; regardless of the mood, theme and nature, may it be contemporary or traditional, they create an apt ambience with eye pleasing brightness. Beautifully designed to the shape of large flowers, they magnificently blend in the setting, with dramatically glowing brightness. The exhilarating contours of the unique shapes are profound spectacles and are extremely breathtaking. Painstakingly sculpted in two different classics viz. Harbe and Boyo, they hail as perfect vividness in various environments like homes, terraces, gardens; large work places, open & bathroom spaces, banquets halls, porticoes and so on.


Bright, radiant yet distinctly serene that they are they create a mesmerising atmosphere out of the space; it is all due to the classy looking stainless base upon which the light vases are placed; crafted from cent percent polyethylene. Incredibly shaped, Harbo is slim and tall whereas Boyo, befitting the name, appears short, majestic and round. As minimalistic in mingling with the decor, the fascinating pieces are the most preferred ones when it comes to smartening the space. Specifically and exclusively created for large and open spaces, the luminous lightings gleam sumptuously in the space.

The Plust series of lighting has embarked a new dimension of creating masterpieces. Over the years, Plust has excelled with sublime credentials for having created wonderful products for interiors and exteriors. The Harbo and Boyo range from Plust has enamoured millions, and their shapes, designs, hues and class have been the reasons for everyone to get smitten towards them.

Harbo and Boyo from Plust magnify and transform prosaic looking ambiances into flamboyant realms, offering myriad opportunities to revel. They are immensely evocative, while the subtle and simplistic polyethylene conjures the environment with uniqueness and soothing tranquil. Spread exemplary grandeur in your home decor or other spaces as they are easily available at shopping sites.


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