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Guest Post – Will Olympics affect the sale of Home Improvement Industry

Deep Impact – London Olympics 2012 on sale of Home Improvement Products.

Obviously, there’s going to be six weeks of pure excitement for everyone to revel and enjoy, but how’s it going to be for home improvement products?
Undeniably, it’s a great pride for London to be hosting a prestigious event of this magnitude, which is going to earmark the moments in history. It’ll have a cherished prolific legacy and posterity to live and gloat forever. It’s a colossal event, and there’s great excitement in the people that will witness it; but are all going to witness it, and how’s it going to affect other business, in the wake ebullience and impulse for the game? Will that impulse translate into more sales of products or a show down, mainly, for home improvement? It is assumed there are going to be potential effects of the game on various businesses, empirically, seen in the past during various such massive events in different countries.


What about the additional tourists that will be flocking in, particularly, the ones who haven’t been successful in getting tickets for certain games in the schedule? Ostensibly, the ones that are loved the most world over will attract maximum crowd and some may not that have many footfalls or spectators.

So, in the case of tickets are completely sold out, and some will be left out or deprived of watching them, obviously, would opt for travelling, and go for sightseeing historic monuments or major landmark locations in and around the city. In other words, the streets will be crammed with people and traffic jam. Implicitly, In UK, St. Paul’s Cathedral or the Oxford Street or, for that matter, the Parliament Houses will have people flooding into, with a contrast of desert looks at some places like Canary Wharf.

London 2012

Consequently, businesses are expected to be severely affected during those six weeks; especially, during some of the favorite events or games taking place. The streets would appear as deserts, as people would be busy watching and enjoying the events, and barely anyone to venture out to go shopping.

Also, seeing the eagerness, excitement and ardent love for the event, beautifying the house or bathroom will be the last thing for them, which is bound to affect the sale of related products negatively. Conversely, everything else will be sidelined or ignored on certain occasions, particularly, during the games like football, tennis, cycling, swimming, athletics or any other game that is loved as much ardently as these. Markets and businesses are expected to witness a major slump in sales during some of those major games, which will adversely affect home improvements products alike. In the past, it has been experienced that retail businesses sale plummeted severely during various such games. For instance, as per the statistics, retail sales plunged by 7.4 % in New Zealand in 2011, during the Rugby World Cup.

In other words, it’s may not be a very blissful autumn for various such businesses during some very fond games, as people are expected to be glued to the spectators’ seats at the venues of the events, or riveted to their seats at their homes across their television sets, and some, as tourists, will be cramming up the streets in an around the city, busy sightseeing. The only areas of businesses that are expected to make merry are – fuel, accommodations or supermarket.

Yet this season can, contrarily, belie the past happenings or the empirical studies and statistics, because some of the shopping sites or web-stores might come up with an innovative idea of offering unprecedented advantages on purchase of home improvements products and dole out optimum discounts like never before, in view of enthusiasm for the event as a whole, recognising this scenario as a plum opportunity to inflate sale, offering the best at the least.

Author Bio : Written by Mr. Jonathan for AQVA Bathrooms, the on-line shop for Shower Enclosures and Bathroom Furniture.

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