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Torsion Shower Collection from Kohler Wins 2012 Red Dot Design award.

Triumph motivates to perform; to create quality – Torsion Shower Collection winning the 2012 Red Dot Design award.

Architectural enigma in the bathroom is the Shower doors that give a dramatic and exhilarating dimension to the shower enclosures. Kohler, the creators of the kitchen and bathroom fittings, has been a reputed name in the bathroom product fraternity. All kudos to them, for their new, extravagant and astonishing torsion shower collection that bagged the 2012 Red Dot Design award.

Torison Shower

Having crafted the master piece, Kohler’s have cited a new trajectory of innovativeness. Torsion range of shower doors has created a benchmark in the spectrum of shower enclosures, and the award is testimony to it. The three classic options in the shower doors viz. In-swing, Sliding and Hinged, sprawl gracefully in their exquisite ranges of showers like Pentagon and Square-Rectangular; they have embarked on the latest trends, with their innovative technology and style.

All three types have been acclaimed for their quality, class, style, elegance and effortless operability.
The In-swing has been crafted for tight spaces, especially, for their smooth inward movement along the concealed track. There inspirational gorgeous lustrous look is enamouring while they can be an appropriate juxtaposition with corner installation of a fixed side panel. The sliding door is equally effortless in operation and movement, and it is mainly created for roomy space. On the other hand, the hinged door, strongly and strategically pivoted at the corner, open outwards. The plush and sheen of the surface of the door undulate gracefully as a whole unit, with immaculate and pristine look; the main reason being, it’s been crafted neatly without usage of any fitting devices like bolts or screws, in order to enable easy cleaning.

The whole setting has been ushered by Kohler’s engineering precision and accompanied by elegant and functional accessories that look minimalist; the list includes a shelf which is a solid surface made from natural stone resin and a shower seat and they are extremely smooth in finish and exude warmth on a touch. They have been sculpted to fit every bathroom and yield comfort and luxurious feel. Further, the aluminium glass structure has been built with reliable and strong 8mm toughened glass with subtle and sleek lines.

The Red Dot Design award was instituted in 1955, with an objective of recognising and rewarding concepts, innovation and designs that are revolutionary or ground-breaking. It’s a prestigious award for the one who conceptualises and designs products innovatively, bearing users’ priorities and comfort in mind.

Torison Shower

For Kohler, it’s an accolade and a milestone, after products and designs themselves that are unprecedentedly trend-setting. Amazingly, out of 4515 registrations, 1800 companies from 58 countries, competing in 19 different categories, emerging as a winner is definitely an ever-reminiscing feat.

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