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Roca – Touch The Future

We live in a world where there are new technological innovations every single day. Whether it’s the latest version of the iPad or an incredible new GPS system, technology is all around us. We never know when the next invention will occur or how it will impact our daily lives, but more and more people are implementing various new technologies into their home to streamline their lives and make them a little easier.

One place where many people don’t implement technology is their bathrooms. I know it might sound strange, since bathroom designs can be so simple. However, you’d be surprised how the smallest upgrade in your bathroom can positively impact your life. Think about it; heated tiles would be amazing in the wintertime and fog proof mirrors would make shaving so much easier. Even the smallest upgrade can make an improvement to your morning routine.

You have to use your bathroom every single day to get refreshed and ready to conquer your day. So, why wouldn’t you purchase a few high tech items that are fun, interesting, and make your life easier? Consider a rain showerhead that’s so big, you’ll forget you’re in the suburbs. Or, think of a mirror that might as well be a radio. Wouldn’t those be awesome additions to an otherwise normal bathroom?

Well, you’re in luck. One company in particular that tech geeks with love is Roca. This brand is known for their incredibly innovative products such as touch screen mirrors and smart taps. They also offer an incredible quality guarantee.

Roca Cloakroom Suite

Roca Cloakroom Suite

Some of our favorite Roca products are their mirrors. The one below is perfect for the music lover. Not only does it have FM radio, but it also has the ability to plug in your mp3 player. Essentially, you’ll be able to sing in the shower to your heart’s content (as long as your neighbors don’t mind!) Oh, and don’t forget about the demister, clock, temperature, and light, which are all a part of this unique design called the Innova Mirror.

Other great products that Roca produces are their rain showerheads. They use innovative technology in their designs, creating showerheads that defy the norm. This one in particular, called the Vintage XL showerhead, has a large, square base. It’s so incredible that you’ll forget you’re in your own home. It might seem like you are under a lush waterfall instead!

Of course, there is much more to Roca’s inventory. They sell tons of incredible bathroom products like tubs, faucets, vanities, and accessories like robe hooks and towel racks. If you want more information on any of these products, you can view an entire list of our inventory right here. We think you’ll be impressed with the quality and the sleek, modern design. Whether you have a small apartment or a larger home, we know that there are several Roca products that would be perfect for you.

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? What types of technology would you like to see in it?

Roca Bathroom Cloakroom Suite

Roca Bathroom Cloakroom Suite

Roca Wash Basin

Roca Senso Bathroom Suite Top Shot

Roca Designer Bidet

Innova Bathroom Mirror


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