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The Advantage of a Rim Free Toilet – Twyford Bathrooms

How much time do you spend thinking about your toilet?  As a bathroom fixture provider, we spend a lot of time thinking about things like that, but you shouldn’t have to.  Who wants to think about something potentially so germy and gross?

Did you know that there is a style of toilet that minimizes germs and bacteria?  That means you don’t have to think or worry about those little microbes.  Cleaning your bathroom just got much simpler with Twyford’s rim free toilets.

Rim Free Toilet

Most toilets have that rim all the way around the bowl.  That pesky rim is also why toilet bowl brushes have that extra loopy piece for getting up underneath there.  Usually water flushes from the rim area of your toilet, but you can’t see what is actually under there.  Twyford’s rim free toilets eradicate the guess work and eliminate the scrubbing below the rim.

Twyford is a time honored brand that offers three styles of rimless toilets in three distinct product lines to fit your needs and décor style: Moda, Galerie, and 3D.  All three high value options are far more hygienic than your average toilet with a rim.  They feature flushing jets that power water around the bowl for a complete and clean flush.  The jets are quiet and water saving.


The Twyford Moda Rimfree Close Coupled Back To Wall WC most closely resembles the standard toilet.  This water efficient model has a dual 2.6 and 4 liter flush.  You can provide your own toilet seat and lid or choose between a standard hinge set or a soft close set.  This toilet is extremely easy to clean and comes with a twenty-five year guarantee against any manufacturer defects.

Twyford Rim Free Toilet

The Twyford Galerie Rimfree Wall Hung WC Pan is contemporary and minimalistic.  Wall hung toilets are great for saving space or if you just like the look of a more compact toilet.  This water saving model has a dual four and six liter flush.  The Galerie has all the great features mentioned above with an additional three flush buttons to choose between when ordering.

Another wall hung option, and the third of Twyford’s rim free toilets, the Twyford 3D RimFree Wall Hung WC Pan is slightly smaller than the Galerie model.  The 3D model has the same specifications as the Galerie model.  This and the other rim free toilets by Twyford are constructed of top quality china with a high gloss, bright white finish.

Rim Free Toilet

The Moda, Galerie, and 3D product lines by Twyford are best selling for a reason.  They’re contemporary and stylish.  Any of these rim free toilets will coordinate perfectly with the other bathroom fixtures from that collection.  You can create a whole new bathroom look and invest in a cutting edge toilet that actually helps you clean the bathroom.

Don’t take our word for it; watch the Twyford technology in action and throw out that old, dingy toilet bowl brush!



Would you consider replacing your old toilet with a Twyford rim free model?

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“The Advantage of a Rim Free Toilet – Twyford Bathrooms”
  • It’s interesting that you highlighted rim free toilets as there is definitely a growing trend for them, particularly because of their hygiene benefits & because as you say, they’re easy to clean.

    • Very Well Said. Most of the people don’t care about hygiene. This Rim-free toilets are revolutionary product from Twyford and would be a hit product in UK.

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