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How To Buy The Right Kitchen Sink – Buying Guide of Kitchen Sink

Have you ever remodeled or designed a kitchen or maybe you’re in the middle of that process now? If so, you have to think about all of the individual elements, where to put them, how to make the most of all available space, and how the kitchen will look overall.

As the saying goes, don’t think of everything but the kitchen sink.  We mean it.  Don’t forget the kitchen sink.  You may be surprised, what a difference the right kitchen sink can make visually and functionally.  Our buying guide will help you navigate the many choices and options to select the best sink for your kitchen.

First, think about kitchen sinks you’ve had or used in the past.  Did you hate having only one sink bowl when washing dishes by hand?  Did you love the built in draining surface or wish you had more counter space instead?  Did you find that a certain color or material showed more surface wear and tear?  Personal preference plays a major role in finding the right sink for your kitchen.

Designer Sinks

Black Kitchen Sink

Unless you’re designing the kitchen around the sink choice, think about the other elements of the kitchen.  How much space would you like to devote to the kitchen sink?  Are you limited on counter space as it is?  Is the kitchen décor traditional, like a cottage or farm house, or is it modern, with sleek, metal elements?

Once you have a little more narrowed idea of what you’re looking for in a kitchen sink, you can more easily navigate the many choices we offer.  We have one, one and a half, two, and two and a half basin sinks.  We offer overcounter, undercounter (inset), and semi recessed styles of sinks.  You can find them in ceramic, fireclay, fragranite, glass, granite, and stainless steel.  While most sinks are built into countertops, we also have stand alone sinks and sinks that can be wall hung.  Our sinks come in circular, oblong, square, and rectangular shapes.  We have a large variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

If space is your main concern, this Duravit Starck K Built-In Kitchen Sink is an excellent choice.  Ideal for narrow kitchens or counters, this small, ceramic model is highly functional when paired with a tall tap.  This product comes with a five-year guarantee and is offered in black, pergamon, chestnut, and anthracite matte.  Optional accessories include a custom fit cutting board and an edge protector to prevent scratches to the basin.


On the other side of the spectrum, we have sinks like the Franke Erica Stainless Steel Kitchen 2.5 Bowl.  This large, luxury sink has all the features you could want.  Two full size wash basins are ideal for the experienced cook who excels at multitasking in the kitchen.  The draining surface can double as a preparation surface and the half basin is a great place for draining or drying foods.  This silk finish sink has a twenty five year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Franke Two and Half Bowl Kitchen SInk

So, whether you’re designing your dream kitchen from scratch or making updates through a remodel, we have a wide variety of sinks to fit your needs, style, and budget.  Enjoy discovering the possibilities and selecting your perfect kitchen sink! If you would like to read further on Buying Guide for Kitchen Sink, click here.

What would your perfect kitchen sink look like?

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