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What Are The 5 Most Common Things To Go Wrong With A Toilet?

Anything with water will go wrong at some point. It’s just the way things are. Toilets use water so they do require maintenance after certain years. Most of the jobs are simple ones, but other complicated jobs do require an experienced plumber.

Blocked Toilet
This is the most common problem and is almost always fixable with a few DIY tools. It is not a pleasant job, but if you can put up with getting dirty and smelly for a few minutes you can save yourself an arm and a leg on plumbers’ callout charges.

Correct Tools Required

The secret is to have the tools to hand before you actually need them.
Here’s what you need:

  • Long-handled plunger with large rubber cup on the end
  • Bent wire clothes hanger
  • Plumber’s snake
  • Large plastic bucket
  • Heavy-duty rubber gloves

Most blockages are easily cleared just with the plunger. The wire clothes hanger should be bent up at the end so it will go around the U-bend. The plumber’s snake does the same job as the clothes hanger, but it is difficult to clean it, so try the coat hanger first. The bucket is required to put dirty tools once, the toilet is unblocked.

Fixing A Toilet

Cistern Overflow
Toilet cistern should have an overflow pipe that takes any excess water outside through the wall. If your cistern never stops filling, then your ball valve is probably stuck or badly adjusted. Modern cisterns do not have a ball valve and this problem then requires a plumber. You will know as soon as you remove the cistern lid if you have a ball valve.
Sometimes you can just bend the brass arm down so that the water inlet valve closes sooner. If that does not fix the problem, then buy a new inlet valve. The job is a simple one as long as you can shut off the water supply to the cistern.

Toilet Fixing

Loose Toilet Seat
There are two bolts that hold the toilet seat in place. These bolts work loose over time and sooner or later the nut will come off the end and get lost. When you are tightening these bolts it is best to just do them finger-tight: Using a wrench could over-tighten them and crack the toilet pan.

Loose Toilet
The toilet should be held in place by 4 brass screws to the floor. Brass is used because steel screws will rust, but brass screws are expensive and one will often find that steel screws have been used by a plumber instead. Before fixing the screws one should also make sure about the nylon washer between the head of the scree and the recess in the pan.

Leaking Outlet Pipe
This is the job that everyone dreads, but it is a simple DIY job that anyone can do.
There is usually a flexible plastic connector between the toilet pan and the waste pipe. These can be bought for a few pounds from any DIY shop. Fitting it does mean moving the toilet pan, disconnecting the cistern from the pan and a bit of mess, but physically it is not a hard job.

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“What Are The 5 Most Common Things To Go Wrong With A Toilet?”
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