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The Amazing Toilets from Japan

Japan’s toilets are quite appealing to those who come from other parts of the world, this is because they are so technologically advanced you would think you had stumbled into a house from the future. But, Japanese toilets have been vastly different from those in the western world for many years; in fact some features have been a part of Japanese life since the 1960s. Watch The Video Below of Toto Toilets from the you tube Channel – Only in Japan.

Toto Toilets

Toto make Japan’s most popular toilets and it’s not uncommon to find this brand in most homes around the country. One of the most appealing features of this range of toilets, or ‘Washlets’ as they like to call them is the sensor control seat lid that saves every user the trouble of lifting the lid before they use the washlet.

The sensor controlled seat notices when someone stands in front of the toilet and lifts the lid quickly and with ease. Once the toilet has been used, the lid places itself back down again. Those who do not live in Japan are usually quite surprised with this feature, but it’s just one of the unique features Japanese toilets have.

Remote Controlled Toilet

A lot of toilets come with remote controls that let you operate the toilet without you having to touch it. The Japanese are very clean and try to ensure they don’t have to touch their toilet unless it’s completely necessary. This is where the remote controls come in as they make it easy to lift the toilet seat without having to physically lift it.

If you don’t happen to have a Toto toilet that comes with a sensor which automatically lifts the lid, you can simply press the button on the wireless control panel and the lid will be lifted for you.
Remote Controlled Toilet

How About A Toilet Massage

Amazingly, some Japanese toilets are able to offer you a bit of a massage. Most toilets come with a bidet function which will wash you after you have used the toilet, but that’s not all, the user can also adjust the strength of the spray so it’s just right.

But that’s not all the bidet function offers you, if you wish, you can also make use of the massage function whereby you will be sprayed at different angles with water that will put you at ease. Although not every toilet comes with this option, those that do have proven to be pretty popular.


Nice and Warm…

If you have ever moaned about the coldness of a toilet seat, then Japanese toilets may be of interest to you. Most toilets in Japan come with warmed seats which make the experience a lot more pleasant. The seats don’t take very long to get to a nice temperature, up to 30 or 40 degrees, which means even on the coldest of days or nights, you will enjoy a touch of warmth.

Apart from Nice and Warm – Dry yourself out with these toilets

If you would like your washlet to dry you, then you need to invest in a Japanese one. With a nice blast of air, you can be dry and have no need for toilet paper. Some people still wish to use toilet paper from time to time, but the drier puts paid to a lot of usage, making using the bathroom more convenient.

No Need for Toilet paper

Not Much Room for The Toilet

If you don’t have much room in your bathroom, which is common in Japan, you may be pleased to know there is a washlet that comes with a hand basin on top of the toilet. This saves a lot of room as you can imagine, but it’s not an uncommon feature in Japan, where washlets such as this have been around for more half a century.

For The Conscious Few

If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about using the bathroom and you constantly try to be as quiet as possible, you could find a solution in Japan.

Public rest rooms often come with a feature known as ‘Otohime’, which means ‘Sound princess’. This feature plays the sound of running water and covers up those bathroom sounds we all want to keep quiet. This feature is particularly common in women’s rest rooms and is ideal for anyone who is a little concerned about being heard.

Cleaning Your Washlet

When it comes to cleaning a washlet, Japanese washlet manufacturers have come up with the great idea of creating a toilet that sprays sterilized water into the basin. This means the toilet will not need to be cleaned as frequently as western toilets do, which is ideal for the clean-minded people of Japan.

What about the Future Toilets?

The future of Japanese toilets/washlets looks to be a fascinating one, thanks to the talking toilets that have begun to make their way on to the market.

Developers are also reported to be making toilets that respond to verbal commands, but they have not hit the market just yet, until they do, those wireless control panels will be common in many homes around Japan.

Japanese toilets are amazing; they make those in the western world look truly stone-age. Perhaps the popularity of warm toilet seats and small wash basins will reach us and they will soon be a part of our homes. We are highly interested to sell these types of toilets on our on-line store. We wish these toilets to soon arrive in UK and be available for UK consumers.

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