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Ladder rail, heated towel warmer or radiator, What is it?

They are so many names for one item. For a towel warmer, that is what it is really. We have many names some call it a ladder rail for the very reason it looks like a ladder, our imagination is very limited. I think it should called Heated towel warmer for the very reason it drys towels but does not warm up a bathroom. so can we have one name

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Bathroom Mirrors & Cabinets. Is it a Necessity?

A home or a bathroom, without a mirror is incomplete for sure. A mirror is the only place where women can be mum and dress her self for at least 30 minutes. S And imagine if there were no mirrors, how our life would be. We would have to be dependent on others, and keep on asking about how we look?  Bathroom mirrors is a very important factor in our

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Bamboo Soap Dish

Many home owners are incapable of choosing accessories and placing them in the correct positions. Pulling this off demands a lot of creativity. The market is flooded with different types of luxurious accessories so finding the most suitable for your case might not be a walk in the park.  Additional tumbler holders and toilet roll holders blend well with other bathroom accessories. Bathroom taps and shower heads can also be

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New Innovation in Toilets and WC with Apple MAC

The most boring, and quietist place in human’s life is a Toilet or WC. But with this innovative invention of Toilet people can even enjoy their stay in toilet. I know people are passionate about iPod and Mac air book, but I could have never imagined that to build a toilet with iPod and Mac air book. Where people can read news on Mac air book and also listen to

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Tired Bathing in Same Bathroom Everyday?

Sensamare Komplettbad from Hoesch has innovated a complete new design bathroom. With Wooden Seat and and Wooden Floor this is anti slip as well as gives you a luxuorious feel while bathing or showering. Designed by Professor Gunther, he has created a fusion of traiditional and modern design. With Clear Glass and more open space with and with minimalistic look this bathroom will be trend setter in near future. Also

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