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UK British Home on Sale

A beautiful home on sale on British real estate known as The Modern House Estate Agents. The Home owner have used a lot of grey and cream colour combination and looks totally modern and funky. The bathroom has a traditional touch and look and has been built with modern amenities. Have a look at the pictures of this House.

Simpsons Shower Enclosures

QS Supplies have showcased the full range of Simpsons Shower Enclosure. Simpsons shower enclosure are one of the finest shower enclosure in UK Market. The Classic Mode Walk-in shower enclosure from Simpsons is ideal for minimalist, open-plan bathrooms. It consists of just two panels to form the enclosure. With wall-to-glass framework and no door, this simple, stunning enclosure offers space-saving properties and a spa look. Easy to install, the Classic

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Looking for Bargain, Look no further

Hi, Shoppers are looking for a bargain despite the gloomy economic outlook for next year.They still hunting for bargains, and dont be supirsed they are BARGAINS. Argos.co.uk are doing television (Sony 32In KDL32V4000 HD Digital LCD TV) for just £342.54 almost 1/2 price. qs supplies are selling a towel warmer for £35.00 supadrug was selling a blood pressure monitor for only £4.99 orignal price £99.99

economic downturn

Hi, I am sure you are all aware of the economic downturn that we are heading towards. Robert Peston has unearthed what most could not do, “he has told us the facts”, we should all thank him for what he is telling us. My question to you all is DO YOU THINK THE GOVERMENT WOULD HAVE TOLD US THE TRUTH? i leave this question to be answered to yourself. The

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What do you need to manufacture a Tap?

First of all you need a mould to manufacture a tap. The mould is the template or design for the tap. the materials needed for a tap is cast iron, copper, ceramic, brass and stainless steel. There are diffrent types of finishes on a tap, you can have a eletroplated polished ,silver, gold and newly introduced are coloured finishes such as black and white. There diffrent types of taps. You

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Why Electric Showers?

It is very important to have an electric shower in your bathroom. This is becuase if your boiler or your hot water tank decides to pack up on a very cold morning or on saturday night. When you cant get hold of a repair team or the call out charge is very expensive, at least you can have a hot shower if you have a electric shower. The next question

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A Waterbirth Vessel ?

What is a waterbirth vessel ? A Specially designed waterbirth vessel for to-be-moms. This Waterbirth vessel designed by Darling Dushinka. This bath features ultimate luxurious feautres. Adjustable seats, massing jets, overhead bars and supports. And plus even daddy can be fitted in with a support shotgun seat. This bath also features a waterfall model to entertain mother and relax their body. With Gentle LED Lights this waterbirth vessel looks great

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Learn How to Decorate Your Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom is the easiest way to change the look and feel of the entire room. Even adding some of the smaller, more traditional little touches to your bathroom can greatly change the entire feel of the room. While the traditional options are fairly easy to come by, adding in unique, one of a kind decorative pieces can be slightly more difficult. When you get a little bored with

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Ladder rail, heated towel warmer or radiator, What is it?

They are so many names for one item. For a towel warmer, that is what it is really. We have many names some call it a ladder rail for the very reason it looks like a ladder, our imagination is very limited. I think it should called Heated towel warmer for the very reason it drys towels but does not warm up a bathroom. so can we have one name

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Bathroom Mirrors & Cabinets. Is it a Necessity?

A home or a bathroom, without a mirror is incomplete for sure. A mirror is the only place where women can be mum and dress her self for at least 30 minutes. S And imagine if there were no mirrors, how our life would be. We would have to be dependent on others, and keep on asking about how we look?  Bathroom mirrors is a very important factor in our

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