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Renovating Your Bathroom? You Need At Least £501

Is your bathroom beginning to look dated and uninviting? Is it time to finally update that water guzzling toilet and avocado green bath? Replacing tired bathroom fixtures will transform your bathroom overnight and turn your daily bathing routine into a spa-like experience. Here’s how to do it for a smidgen over £500. Bathtubs The bath you choose to install in your bathroom will have a tremendous impact on the look

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Presenting Numi By Kohler – The Most Advanced Toilet in the World

Unveiling the unmatched beauty – Kohler’s NUMI – the advanced toilet ever! Raising the bar of standards beyond everybody’s imagination, Kohler has yet again brandished the magic baton, having created NUMI – the superior class toilet. The unique, unprecedented and unmatched toilet ever sculpted to comfort and reflect your class and taste. The engineering supremacy is conspicuous in the imitable and unparalleled features. They are classic as well as minimalistic,

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Redefining Bathrooms – The Dogi way!

Whilst considering redecoration or recreating your bathroom, the most inevitable element is innovativeness coupled with class and quality. It’s about the urge of style, desire for flamboyance and necessity of quality performance, and all of those are condensed in the Dogi range of bathrooms. Once you behold them, the enamouring beauty will never fail to fascinate you; undeniably, there would be no room for second thoughts about compilation of the

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Burlington Bathrooms – The touch of immaculate and luxuriating Bathroom Setting

Taking off from the conventional, simply splurging into the modern, Burlington has kept traditionalism intact! They replace the mundane with the smarter and elegant designs. The perfect combination of élan and ethnicity of Victorian style in their immensely vast range of products enlivens the ambiance unexpectedly. Their range is unimaginably attractive, which redefines the decor, taking to the ultimate level of elegance. Thus, Burlington, with the creation of masterpieces, has

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Bathrooms Getting Cheaper in UK | Euro Crisis

Strength of Pound helps Import Big Bathroom brands from Europe!! Thanks to the current all time high of the Pound against the Euro; the mighty Pound can buy you €1.21. Now, this is great; if you’re planning a trip in Europe this summer, it’s the right time, for you may save a whopping 10% off all your beers and entertainment, but it’s equally a good idea if you’re looking for

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Is urinating in public places Acceptable?

I am sure we all tend to wobble between the predicament of the conscience call and nature’s call when our bladder tends to press with an intolerable pressure. It becomes ominously difficult to prolong the discomfort when you’re driving down an unfamiliar street, highway or a medieval walkway, when bathrooms are absolutely out of sight. How far can you circumspect to find a vantage place to pull it over. Albeit,

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Steel Bath versus Acrylic Bath

Baths and bathing have as long a history as civilisation itself as there has always been a need for humans to wash and bathe. The first baths to be introduced in the UK was that of the Roman bathhouses; thanks to their ingenuity, they created a whole new bathing culture very different from the one we know today, but certainly, they had to develop into the bath each of us

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Designer Sink from Botinger & Roi

Botinger & Roi is based in Netherlands and focuses of lifestyle products for high-end consumers. They are known to create timeless yet characteristic design. Here, we have showcased an innovative d3esigner sink by Botinger & Roi. Curvaceous shape of these designer sinks sets a style statement in a bathroom. As we can presume from the picture is, that this sink doesn’t come with any tap holes and doesn’t require any

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Modern and Stylish Bathroom Collection – Novello

Dramatic Bathroom Design that grabbed our attention and we selected to post it to our blog. Modern Bathroom cabinets with beautiful LED lights and oval shape mirror gives your bathroom a totally new look and dramatic atmosphere. Elegant and Subtle vanity units with clean lines and unique shape, certainly catches anyone’s attraction. Designed by Novello, this seems to be a perfect approach towards modern and stylish bathroom.

Dos and Don’ts in a Bathroom.

Looking for a bathroom design that stands out, look good and is also practical in use and to avoid silly mistakes in design I have listed down few do’s and don’ts for bathroom. Bathroom is one the most expensive room to decorate or rebuild. So you have to make sure all the pipes used in bathroom are of good quality and pipe work should be very accurate. Pipes can leak

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