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Get Cosy with Lakes Shower Enclosures

If you are in the market for a new shower enclosure, look no further than products by Lakes. Lakes is one of the most recognizable brands of shower enclosures, known for their incredible durability, innovation, and chic, modern style. They also have great customer service and are very interested in customer feedback.

5 Famous Bathroom Gags – Hilarious Bathroom Pranks

These days we’ve come to know bathrooms as places of idyllic retreat. A place where we can unwind at the end of our hectic days in a deep warm bath or relaxing hot shower. In addition, public bathrooms offer ways for us to relieve ourselves as we go about our day to day business. Of course not all bathroom visits go to plan, indeed there are many funny skits about

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The twosome with awesome edge of creativity for bathrooms – Sando Managhello & Marco Paolelli

Bathrooms are tantamount to oases for relaxation and unwinding. They are no more ordinary areas in the home; on the contrary, they are far more sublime realms than one could try and interpret them in words. Every bathroom is expected to unleash soothing tranquil and harmony, which comes from designer and exclusive elements that are inclusions in the bathroom space. They ought to befall dramatically, nestling and caressing senses, rejuvenating

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The Best Narrow down Feature You May Not be using at QS Supplies Web-Store

QS Supplies make buying faster and easier with “Narrow-Down” Feature! QS Supplies know it’s always bewildering to buy a product of choice from a humongous range. Invariably, for most of us, it’s a labyrinth, whilst surfing and shuffling for products on various sites. The search for the product of choice from the ranges becomes an endless treasure hunt. It adds up to the agony even more. QS Supplies have always

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Discover the true definition of perfection and class, with IMPERIAL Bathrooms

Imperial Bathrooms is a wondrous galaxy of irresistible Bathrooms products. Accentuating quality and perfection appropriately, Imperial Bathrooms has combined both elements with equal focus and diligence in its Bathroom Products. They have gone beyond the convention, using high quality materials and applying traditional methods in creating their masterpieces. Their method application on their range assures tested products, exclusively crafted and compiled to suit every decor and bathroom setting with utmost

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Is urinating in public places Acceptable?

I am sure we all tend to wobble between the predicament of the conscience call and nature’s call when our bladder tends to press with an intolerable pressure. It becomes ominously difficult to prolong the discomfort when you’re driving down an unfamiliar street, highway or a medieval walkway, when bathrooms are absolutely out of sight. How far can you circumspect to find a vantage place to pull it over. Albeit,

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Traditional Bathroom coming back in trend

I remember my father saying to me once when I was about 13 years old and adamant that flares would never come back into fashion, though all things come around again. So, it’s no surprise to me to find that more traditional designed bathrooms are back in vogue. It is true to say that some designs last forever, for they never really phase out; the roll top bath can be

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Dos and Don’ts in a Bathroom.

Looking for a bathroom design that stands out, look good and is also practical in use and to avoid silly mistakes in design I have listed down few do’s and don’ts for bathroom. Bathroom is one the most expensive room to decorate or rebuild. So you have to make sure all the pipes used in bathroom are of good quality and pipe work should be very accurate. Pipes can leak

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Bathroom Mirrors & Cabinets. Is it a Necessity?

A home or a bathroom, without a mirror is incomplete for sure. A mirror is the only place where women can be mum and dress her self for at least 30 minutes. S And imagine if there were no mirrors, how our life would be. We would have to be dependent on others, and keep on asking about how we look?  Bathroom mirrors is a very important factor in our

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