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Presenting Numi By Kohler – The Most Advanced Toilet in the World

Unveiling the unmatched beauty – Kohler’s NUMI – the advanced toilet ever! Raising the bar of standards beyond everybody’s imagination, Kohler has yet again brandished the magic baton, having created NUMI – the superior class toilet. The unique, unprecedented and unmatched toilet ever sculpted to comfort and reflect your class and taste. The engineering supremacy is conspicuous in the imitable and unparalleled features. They are classic as well as minimalistic,

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Torsion Shower Collection from Kohler Wins 2012 Red Dot Design award.

Triumph motivates to perform; to create quality – Torsion Shower Collection winning the 2012 Red Dot Design award. Architectural enigma in the bathroom is the Shower doors that give a dramatic and exhilarating dimension to the shower enclosures. Kohler, the creators of the kitchen and bathroom fittings, has been a reputed name in the bathroom product fraternity. All kudos to them, for their new, extravagant and astonishing torsion shower collection

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