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The joy of innovation – Bathrooms by QS Supplies

Interbreeding ideas is one of the pillars of innovation in today’s bathroom designs and engenders a very important and distinct question of salience: is the innovation at hand really useful? Inviting a corollary question: what aspect of the consumer’s need does it satisfy? The answer would lead us either towards the functional or the fulfillment of the aesthetic quotient. The product development team at QS Supplies is driven by a

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Mud Baths, Thermal Springs and the quest for tranquility.

Mud Bath vs. Mudslinging Slapping mud all over your body, including your face, seems foolish, at best childish. Mudslinging, however, is commonplace amongst politicians who betray no visible signs of fatigue or shame excoriating their opponents with insults and accusations in the absence of effective arguments and rhetoric. Although mudslinging is counterproductive in general, there are odd occasions when the outcome engenders a national debate resulting in policy changes or

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More than Reflection – The Mirror Revolution

We wouldn’t need a great deal of imagination to speculate the use of still water in the early stages of sophistication within human society for the lack of a better alternative or simply as the starting point to watching one’s own reflection. The transient images commonly lost to ripples induced by a bird, animal, a fellow creature or an apathetic doze of breeze found permanence on the mirror, which was

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Taps – What You Need to Know

Bathroom taps are made from metal or plastic. The former material is often used in Europe, US and other parts of the world while the latter is still  used in Asia and Africa. What You Need to Know About Taps Everyone dreams of the perfect bathroom with correct furniture and good taps. Getting the best taps for your bathroom will depend on several factors such as: 1. Type of finish

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7 Things you want to know about Towel Rails

A  towel rail adds a contrasting and stylish touch to any bathroom. A towel rail stands out and catches the light because of its curves and the subtle outward curve of the towel rail is the perfect contrast against all the straight lines in your bathroom. There are many types of towel rails available, but what exactly is a towel rail. Towel Rails are a heating element used in bathrooms,

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Shower Cubicles

The Advantages of Shower Cubicles Shower cubicles fit nearly in every bathroom. All you need is a corner wall in which you fit one. Due to their small foot print, shower cubicles are suitable for even very small rooms. Adapting to the modern lifestyle leaves us no time for leisure, especially for those of us who have a bathtub and would like to laze in it for an hour or

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Buying Guide for Baths – Tips and Advices

Do you need a bath tub to satisfy the basic necessity of cleansing your body? Or would you like to experience a soul-touching bath while pondering over life in a pool of water? The need for quick showers and baths is fulfilled by standard baths, shower baths and even corner baths. But if you are a big fan of aromatherapy and bathing then you may dwell upon a few creative

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10 Unique Shaped Bathroom Taps

If you are looking to add that special touch to your bathroom, you may want to think about looking at the vast range of unique shaped bathroom taps. Differently-shaped taps can add a whole new dimension to an otherwise plain bathroom. No matter what size your bathroom is, you can make it special by adding one of the following unique shaped bathroom taps: Wolo from Webert This tap has a

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2014 – What Would Be New in Hotel Bathroom Design

When you visit a hotel you expect your room to be a nice one, particularly if you happen to be paying top £’s for it. You also expect your bathroom to be special too, but in most cases they are all pretty much the same. This is unless you’re staying in a luxurious hotel, then you’re likely to find a pretty amazing bathroom suite. So what’s new in bathroom design,

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Bathroom Quote of the Day

Think bathroom signage is for public toilets only? Think again, there are some great bathroom quotes that you can post in your bathroom to both give instruction and add a little humour to your room. Better still, frame your sign as art work. What kind of quotes are we talking about here? Read on and find out! What a Bathroom Quote Can Do? Adding signs to your bathroom can be

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