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Mud Baths, Thermal Springs and the quest for tranquility.

Mud Bath vs. Mudslinging Slapping mud all over your body, including your face, seems foolish, at best childish. Mudslinging, however, is commonplace amongst politicians who betray no visible signs of fatigue or shame excoriating their opponents with insults and accusations in the absence of effective arguments and rhetoric. Although mudslinging is counterproductive in general, there are odd occasions when the outcome engenders a national debate resulting in policy changes or

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SOS: Soldiers of Sanitation

Recognizing the importance and contribution of the plumbing industry THE DREADFUL PAST.. What does the word plumbing remind us of? It is most likely that images of sewage and drain pipes appear before our minds as an instinctive and highly unimaginative response. But do we need to ponder over this matter at all and does it affect us in a serious manner? The answer to the first part of the

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Importance of World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing Day Held on March 11 each year, World Plumbing Day (WPD) is an international celebration of the good work the plumbing sector does around the globe. Access to clean water is essential for all of us, but all too often people fail to realise the vital role that professional plumbers play in keeping us both safe and hydrated. The World Plumbing Council, which launched the WPD in 2010,

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How Placement and Selection of Products Go Hand in Hand

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may think it’s as easy as buying new appliances.  After all, a remodel is just a change or an update, and new products would certainly be a change for you.  As much as a successful and expertly done remodel is about selecting the right products, it is also about the appropriate placement of those products.  It isn’t enough to have quality products or great

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Worlds Toilet Day – Why is it Important?

November 19th is World Toilet Day, which might seem a little strange to you if you’re living in a Western country. Why on earth would toilets need a day of their own? Yet the truth is that there are many areas of the world in which safe and hygienic toilet facilities simply aren’t available, and the United Nations has designated this day to bring awareness to what is a problem

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