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Advantages & Disadvantages of Shower Cubicles

The Advantages of Shower Cubicles

Shower cubicles fit nearly in every bathroom. All you need is a corner wall in which you fit one. Due to their small foot print, shower cubicles are suitable for even very small rooms. Adapting to the modern lifestyle leaves us no time for leisure, especially for those of us who have a bathtub and would like to laze in it for an hour or more. What about those of us who don’t even have a big bathroom for a tub to fit in, do we not see a solution in shower cubicles? Yes we do for both who have big and small bathrooms with or without a bathtub. A lot will depend on your family size, the kind of lifestyle you lead and your personal outlook on keeping the bathroom tidy.

There are a couple of downsides to getting a shower cubicle though. You will need to fit this kind of cubicle into a corner, for a start, which may not be possible for everyone. Also, though there are a variety of sizes available, you won’t get a cubicle that’s anywhere near as large as a walk in shower, for example, which may be a concern for some people. Also know the factors before buying a shower enclosure

Time – Aren’t we all a little too busy these days? The answer from the majority is going to be a big Yes! The moment we are pressed for time, everything else takes a back seat; we simply don’t have the time to prepare a bathtub and wait for the water to fill it up. Even if you do manage a dip for 10 minutes you would be faced with the task of emptying the tub and giving it a quick cleaning spray.

Space – In the present scenario of smaller housing and at times large families living under one roof, the efficient use of space to manage peoples’ schedules and comfort in the family becomes crucial. On most working days the bathroom is going to be occupied by more than one person at a time, which calls for a shower cubicle to create a private bathing space within bathroom.

Efficiency — Shower cubicles come with efficient utility and toiletries storage features which are designed for smooth bathing while in the shower. Some of us who may have tried modifying our bathtubs into shower baths but that needs affixing enclosures and those of us who resorted to the shower curtain might have found out that it is never going to be up to the mark, and leaves the tedious job of mopping spilled water on your bathroom floor. It is quite clear from a time saving and operational ease point of view that a cubicle is a winner over bathtubs.

Hygiene and Maintenance – Your bathroom is virtually unaffected by your bathing activity in your shower cubicle. The danger of mildew or other bacteria formation due to water splashing on the bathroom wall as a result of daily showering is certainly eliminated by the enclosed nature of the cubicle. Some shower cubicles are manufactured from a special glass which does not let the water particle deposit on its surface thus rids you from cleaning lime scale.

The Disadvantages of Cheap Quality Shower Cubicles

Stifled for room – In most modern offices we are caught in cubicles for a major part of the day of our working lives. As a result we feel enclosed and dominated with a feeling of suffocation which may continue into our bathing experience with a shower cubicle; certainly not advisable for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

Hinge or railing –Daily entry and exits from the cubicle will result in the wearing of the hinges or the railing mechanism on which the doors rest which in the event of a failure will mean either you won’t be able to get inside the cubicle or you will not be able to keep the water from splashing outside.

Cheap quality options – The temptation of buying a cheap import is common and the benefit is not long-lived. Cubicles made from good quality materials are bound to last and especially when the usage is repetitive and by many in a household it becomes all the more important to invest in good quality; it is a bad idea to fall for cheap imitations and preferring plastic over toughened glass.

Not a good idea for big bathrooms – Cubicles by themselves are great propositions but they are better suited for smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium. They could be installed in big bathrooms only to be reduced to second options.

Installation – Although shower cubicles are easy to install but the difficulty of laying new pipe work in case of fresh installations it is often overlooked.

Now that you have a fair idea of the extent a shower cubicle can help you reach in keeping your bathroom tidy; you could try looking at the extensive range of different models and designs available in the market to help you cope with your busy schedule.


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