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7 Things you want to know about Towel Rails

A  towel rail adds a contrasting and stylish touch to any bathroom. A towel rail stands out and catches the light because of its curves and the subtle outward curve of the towel rail is the perfect contrast against all the straight lines in your bathroom. There are many types of towel rails available, but what exactly is a towel rail. Towel Rails are a heating element used in bathrooms, which warms up the towel and gives a dry and warm towel after a bath or a shower.  Imagine a Cold winter morning and after taking a hot shower or a bath you have a wet cold towel to wipe your body. In Winter season specially towels take a long time to dryout, and wiping ourseleves with a wet towel makes more uncomfortable. They come in different shape and sizes so if you have a big family it is always recommended to chose a big size so that it has more space for drying more towels.

  1. Ladder Towel Rail

    A ladder towel rail is taller than it is wide and has many horizontal heated tubes to drape your towels over, as well as to heat your bathroom.
    There are many options when it comes to choosing a towel rail in terms of size, appearance, degree of curvature, heat source, and heat output.

  2. Size

    Width is usually the determining factor regarding choosing a towel rail for your bathroom. The narrowest rails are 300mm wide, suitable for the smallest of bathrooms; he widest are 450mm wide, with 360mm and 400mm widths being common choices in between.Heights range from 600mm to 1800mm. The smaller towel rails are useful in small bathrooms or where they are not the primary heat source. Larger rails have a heat output similar to a decent-sized radiator; these are useful in family bathrooms where there are many towels to dry.

  3. Apperance

    Towel rails come in four finishes; white, black, stainless steel and chrome. Chrome rails are the most common choice and look good in every situation.White and anthracite black can be equally dramatic in the right bathroom and stainless steel offers another modern alternative.

  4. Degree of Curvature

    Most curved towel rails have horizontal tubes with a subtle curve, projecting just a few extra centimetres from the wall in the middle. The effect is discreet but still offers a contrast with tiles and other bathroom straight lines. There is a half-moon shape option available as well. Some narrower towel rails have a much more pronounced curved shape, projecting 100-150mm at the centre of the horizontal rails. These are useful if you want a bigger heat output from a small wall area, or if you just want an interesting feature towel rail.

  5. Heat Source

    Curved towel rails can be plumbed into your central heating system or can be electrically heated; some models can be heated using both methods.

  6. Heat Output

    The amount of heat your towel rail gives out is important and heat output ranges from 100 watts (341 BTU) to 1000 watts (3,412 BTO)
    QS Supplies have superbly trained and knowledgeable staff members who will advise on all aspects of your choice.

Ladder Towel Rails

Look at the different size curved towel rails here.

So What are Electric Towel Rails

A central heating towel rail is connected to your heating system in the same way that a normal radiator would be. It is possible for a handyman to attach a central heating towel rail, but it can be a large job, especially if you need to take up the floor to access the pipework.

An electric towel rail is connected to a spur socket in your bathroom. Installing a spur socket is a simple job and can usually be done without disturbing the existing wall or floor tiles. The handyman or electrician can tap into a socket on the other side of a wall or run cable through the ceiling space if there is no existing spur outlet in your bathroom.

Some towel rails are dual fuel and use either as a source of heat. These are very useful but your choice is more limited.

If you have no hot water-based central heating system then an electric towel rail is your only option. Even if you have the normal boiler and radiator type central heating an electric towel rail can work out a better option in many cases.

Electric Towel Rails

7) When to Select Electric Towel Rails

If you are looking for a towel rail in addition to the radiator in your bathroom then an electric model is far simpler to install; there is no need to take up the bathroom floor, break tiles or hire a plumber. If you have storage radiators rather than a ‘wet’ heating system then an electric towel rail is your only option.

If you switch your heating off in summer then an electric towel rail makes a lot of sense in that you can use it to heat your bathroom on a chilly morning without running your boiler for an hour and using ridiculous amounts of gas or oil. You can install a timer and operate your towel rail at different times from your heating system.

If family members have showers at strange times of the day or night then an electric towel rail will ensure that the bathroom is warm, without the need to run your central heating system 24 hours a day.


Electric towel rails have two main advantages; they are much easier to install and they operate even when your heating is switched off.

Need to Know more

Our staff are very knowledgeable in all aspects of plumbing and heating and can give you unbiased advice regarding the appliances that are most suitable for your situation.

Look at Electric Towel Rails here.

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