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Importance of World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing Day

Held on March 11 each year, World Plumbing Day (WPD) is an international celebration of the good work the plumbing sector does around the globe.
Access to clean water is essential for all of us, but all too often people fail to realise the vital role that professional plumbers play in keeping us both safe and hydrated.

The World Plumbing Council, which launched the WPD in 2010, highlights the earthquake in Haiti four years ago and the tsunami in Japan during 2011 as examples of how easy it is to take sanitation and clean water for granted. The day aims to celebrate the success of plumbers in crises such as those as well as give them a well-deserved pat on the back for their regular work throughout the year.

It also looks to encourage people to invest in modern technologies which that will help to save water because, as the council puts it, “every drop counts”. Indeed, Sudhakaran Nair, chairman of the World Plumbing Council, recently pointed out that unlike electricity, water is not a resource that can be regenerated.At present just one per cent of the world’s water is safe for human consumption and much of that is being contaminated due to bad practices and negligence.

Each year, more than 700,000 children die to them consuming water that is polluted. Poor plumbing standards are a cause of some these fatalities because it helps diseases to spread. Anyone who is interested in plumbing and the safeguarding of clean water can get involved with World Plumbing Day.

Participants are free to highlight the day’s importance in any way that they feel fit. However, suggested activities include holding talks with children at schools and community hubs, offering special one-off rates to plumbing clients and handing out leaflets in city centres. The World Plumbing Council also urges prominent members of plumbing companies and organisations to write letters to local newspapers in order to raise awareness and gain support.

Every Drop of water counts

What is the World Plumbing Council?

The council is an international body that aims to promote and develop high standards of plumbing around the world. Constituted in 2000, the council now represents 29 countries spread across all seven continents. Many of these located are in the developed world, but a number of them are developing nations, including India, Brazil and Nigeria.

The council has nine key objectives, which are:

1. To promote the image of the plumbing industry by developing professional standards.
2. To encourage the exchange of information and the proliferation of plumbing technologies.
3. To promote training and education.
4. To promote the plumbing industry’s vital role in the provision of safe water.
5. To host a World Plumbing Conference at least once every three years.
6. To increase participation in the WPD.
7. To improve awareness of the WPD.
8. To ensure those taking part in the WPD have access to adequate resources.
9. To ensure the council is operated with sound governance and integrity.

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