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Heat Up Your Bathroom With Towel Rails

While the UK might not be home to snow filled winters, we are notorious for having bone-chillingly wet weather, all year round. In fact, Manchester had 128 days of rain in 2013. That’s 128 days when it would have been lovely to come home to your towel rails and the warming towels that they so conveniently provide. Heated towel rails not only keep your towels at the perfect “just came out of the dryer” temperature, but they also keep your bathroom from become damp or filled with unwanted bacteria.

You want to heat your bathroom, do it in style as well as have maximum functionality to dry towels (and clothes). That’s a lot to ask from a designer when making a towel rail but the brands that QS Supplies have aligned themselves with to deliver each aspect flawlessly. Major brands like Vouge, Bauhuas and Riena take all of the small details into consideration in the design process before going into production.

Reina Radiators

A towel rail first priority is to heat the room, and as functionality removes almost 50% of the visible surface area for heat to radiate from, this area has to be maximised to ensure adequate heat can be radiated into your bathroom. The most popular design sold at QS Supplies is the ladder towel rail by Tivolis. Often tubular in design, although a lot of designer towel rails use square section poles, a ladder towel rails tubes bring simple form and function to your bathrooms heating needs. Straight and curved models are equally sort after.

Towel Rails also boast a wide range of finishes. White and Chrome are the most popular with newer finishes such as Stainless steel and Black now showing strong sales.

Reina Radiators

The most complicated decision to make is how your towel rail is to heat your bathroom all year round. This decision can have a dramatic effect on your installation costs and choice of towel rail available to you.

Central Heating Towel Rails only works when, central heating system is working. Using this method, you need to ask yourself, what about the summer? Are you sure you don’t want to take the chill off your bathroom during the summer months? If not – the following two options may be for you…

Dual Fuel Towel Rails: provide the bets of both worlds by combing a towel rail with both an electric heating element and use of the central heating system. This works by combing the electric element and you central heating system with a ‘T Piece’ so both methods of heating can be used with your towel rail. During the summer, you will be able to close off the valves and turn on your electric element. Best advice is to choose to have a thermostatic element to ensure running costs are kept to a minimum.

Electric Only towel rails: are special in their own right because the manufacturer supplies the towel rails as a sealed unit with a special solution inside to help conduct heat more efficiently and to help preserve the metal. If you were to use water in such, a situation – a towel rail would likely ‘corrode’ from the inside out. Once again – choosing to add a thermostatic element will save on electricity costs.

At QS Supplies, we are committed to providing you the choice of towel rail to suit your needs and bathroom. We stock cheap towel rails and designer towel rails to suit all tastes and budgets.

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