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The birth of sensor taps – The real boon

The birth of sensor taps has come in part, thanks to innovation in design and technology. Also, we need to amply express our gratitude to the dire need to reduce the amount of water used both by businesses as well as the general public, which has consequently given birth to the need for the sensor taps.

With the UK population set to grow up to 70 million by 2027, no wonder there is a growing concern for the government about the level of water consumption here in the UK, for the more populous it gets the need for water will increase more, beyond fathom. Recent water shortages in the UK have yet again raised concerns over the amount of water wasted in domestic homes and businesses, and with it, the suggestion that water bills should be inflated to encourage the people to use less water.

It’s true to say that people, in general, have become more aware of the shortages in natural resources, but are we all doing enough to reduce the amount we use on a daily basis? There are many simple ways to reduce water consumption such as collecting rain water for watering your garden, not flushing the toilet throughout the night, or even turning the tap off when brushing our teeth. But to make a real significant decrease in the level of water consumed in homes, technological advances need to be discovered for household appliances, thus, it is here we see the need for sensor taps.

So, what are sensor taps and how do they work? Sensor taps are designed in such a way that they only allow water to flow when an object, such as a hand, is passed by the sensor; within 0.5 of a second after the object is removed the water will shut off automatically.

Also, you can get sensor taps which have an in-built thermostatic control, allowing you to regulate the temperature of the water disbursed, again further, saving more money and energy.

This does, however, mean they require some sort of power to get them to work. So, the first question to arise in our mind while considering expensive sensor taps is, ‘Am I really going to reduce my water consumption that much, and what about the energy required operating them?’

Well, recent studies have shown that sensor taps can help to reduce water consumption by up to 70%, needless to say, a sizeable amount. With this in mind and with water costs set to increase, it is almost inevitable that more and more homes and businesses will see sensor taps as an essential peace of kit for their bathrooms and kitchens. Imagine, if every home, school and office were fitted with sensor taps, the amount of water that could be saved would be incredibly staggering. This does lead to questions being asked about whether the government should encourage the use of these taps through grants or even waiving off the V.A.T levied against them.

It’s all well and good to say we need to use less water, but how much is being done by the government to actively encourage this, apart from increasing the cost? Water management is the job of our government, and yet we have seen two successive winters when rainfall levels have been low resulting in hosepipe bans across southern England, a poor job of management by any standard. If more were to be done to encourage businesses and homes to use less water through modern & advanced resources and methods such as the sensor tap, surely that’s a better way forward, than fines!
As we move in the ever changing and modern world, these energy saving devices are likely to become mainstream, as eventually, we realise we have to do something about these finite resources. Population growth around the world is increasing at a rate whereby there will not be enough of these finite resources to go round. Changes need to be made at both, the individual as well the business level, but without governments taking the problems of the future seriously, one wonders where we shall be by 2027.

If you are interested in having sensor taps installed in your home or business, you will find many websites offering various styles and designs. It is essential that you discuss your requirements with the supplier, so that he can supply you with the most cost effective sensor taps for your bathroom or kitchen.

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