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Reina Radiator – The New Age Designer Radiators

New revolution creators – Reina’s New Age Designer Radiators

Synonymous to the terms such as power, strength, class, elegance and functionality, Reina has been peerless with its stylish and classy range of designer radiators. Reina radiators have pioneered the spectrum with wonderful radiators in the range, not limiting to only bathrooms but for the home at large.

As the trends of homes are changing, Reina Designer Radiators has been innovative in supplementing the phase with the most trendy and stylish Towel and Bathroom Radiators. They have well encompassed the priorities, realising the need of the day; thus, created masterpieces that are focal and centric point in the home decor. Since inception, Reina has transformed homes with the most attractively blending radiators.

Their breathtaking range of designer radiators includes Neva, Bonera, Rione, Round, Sena, Osimo, Pienza, Veneso, Nero, Oria, Cascia, Terano, Lasina, Felino and etc., apart from the vast range of stainless steel radiators, which includes Nerox series of single polished, single & double brushed vertical & double brushed horizontal; in addition, there are several other types of radiators in the range. The list is endless and exhaustive, to satiate every desire of the user.


They spruce up the interiors and bathroom setting immeasurably, with their exquisite designs and shapes. They position themselves distinctively, exuding warmth and enviable appearance. They are immensely luxuriating and create inimitable grandeur out of the setting with their classic looks.
They realise the importance of the need of radiators that not only look beautiful but also radiate warmth and heat in proportion. Sensing and maintaining the home temperature according to the changing weather reflects their unparalleled intelligence and astuteness.


They also maintain soothing warmth and heating effect, keeping the environment tranquil and pleasurable. They look subtle, gorgeous and blend with decor, embellishing them with their inherent beauty. Every piece in the range is diverse and ethnically elegant, particularly created to suit every aesthetic.


Created from 100% stainless steel, polished mirror and satin, Reina designer radiators look illustrious in the hand crafted finish. Undoubtedly, the class and style in look and consummate performance reflect the technological and engineering supremacy of Reina. Over the years, they have created radiators that have proved exemplary for their unprecedented chic & trendy style and functionality.


Needless to say, Reina have been spearheaded the radiator domain with the most exclusive innovations, with astoundingly functional radiators for everyone to experience comforting warmth. All of those are available at online shopping sites or web-stores, for easy buying at attractive prices.


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