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Renovating Your Bathroom? You Need At Least £501

Is your bathroom beginning to look dated and uninviting? Is it time to finally update that water guzzling toilet and avocado green bath? Replacing tired bathroom fixtures will transform your bathroom overnight and turn your daily bathing routine into a spa-like experience. Here’s how to do it for a smidgen over £500.


Trojan Granada Baths

Trojan Granada Baths

The bath you choose to install in your bathroom will have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of the room simply due to its dominant size compared to the other furniture. With that in mind, choosing your bath first makes sense so you can ensure the rest of the suite will compliment the style of the tub you settle on.

Keeping with simple yet stylish designs that deliver on quality and practicality will ensure the investment you make today will last over the long term. Take this 8mm thick Trojan Acrylic Bath with Twin Grips – a quality tub that displays contemporary design lines, beautiful white finish, anti-slip surface and twin grips, all for a budget-friendly £125.04. You can’t go wrong with this tub that ticks all the boxes with its stylish design and quality backed up by a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Vanity and Basin

Twyford Refresh Square Washbasin And Furniture Set | RS0109WH

The vanity and basin are very important pieces that of course need to offer a pleasing aesthetic but must also provide much needed storage to help maintain clutter-free style day in and day out. Twyford’s Refresh Square Washbasin and Vanity is a beautifully crafted piece that continues on with the contemporary theme whilst offering valuable under-basin storage. Boasting high gloss white finish and Vitreous china basin, this neat vanity and basin set comes in at only £119.99.



Roca Laura Close Coupled WC Pan White 665mm | 342396000

When it comes to toilets, a close coupled option provides a clean look that is void of ghastly pipes and also makes cleaning simple. It’s now easier than ever to find a quality pan with modern styling for a budget price, such as the Roca Laura Close Coupled WC Pan. Brilliant white finish coupled with gentle design lines, this quality toilet complete with cistern totals just £169.27, making it the perfect choice for your modern makeover



No bathroom makeover is complete without stunning faucets to tie together the entire look. There are a vast range of taps on offer nowadays so you will certainly be spoilt for choice. For an ultra modern look select faucets with sleek lines finished in spotless chrome. This set of Sagittarius Plaza Basin Taps are a fine example of a stylish pair that remain affordable at a mere £41.83. And for the bath there is the Sagitarrius Plaza Bath Pair for only £45.43

Sagittarius Plaza Basin Tap Pair | PL-101-C

Sagittarius Plaza Bath Taps Pair | PL-102-C

Sagittarius Plaza Bath Taps Pair | PL-102-C



As you can see, renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank, but you will need a good £500 to play with to fit out the room with a new bath, vanity unit with basin, toilet and cistern and finally two pairs of taps for the bath and basin. By simply replacing existing furnishings you can gain a lovely new look without the headaches of ripping up floors, pulling out walls or dealing with the cost of moving plumbing. All that’s left to do now is order your new bathroom furniture so you can enjoy a contemporary bathroom that invites you to relax and rejuvenate in its harmonious design every day.

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