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Triton Showers Turning Ideas into Reality

If you relish the idea of pampering yourself with a rejuvenating hot shower at a leisurely pace, Triton Showers offers you smart showering solutions with the widest range of Electric Showers, for turning your idea into reality. Decide the shower experience you want and leave the rest to Triton. Understanding that different people have different showering requirements, Triton prides itself in offering a full line of electric showers to suit the need, bathroom and budget requirement of every individual in the family. Dream of a feature that you want in your electric shower system and it is available with Triton, well known for their innovative designer Aspirante Showers which enhance your bathroom design and decor.

Set Once, Enjoy Every Day
Do you fancy a personalized showering experience with just a onetime effort? Right from setting the water temperature to choosing your optimum flow speed, you need to set your preferred shower experience just once. Thereafter, every time you indulge in a relaxing and refreshing bath, you automatically get the same flow of continuous hot water at the same temperature, shower after shower, ensuring a consistent and customized showering experience. No mixing Hot and Cold flow and then adjusting for the optimum flow, which comes to you at a lower flow, thus dampening your showering experience. Triton offers you something for every showering idea that comes to your inventive mind, with the goal of maximizing your showering experience, minimizing water wastage and saving energy for lower energy bills. Take your showering pleasure to whole new level with electric showers from Triton Showers.

Triton Showers


Black Triton Shower



Triton Shower Head


Triton Thermostatic Shower
Customer First Policy
The perfect showering experience also demands perfect after sales customer service, and Triton prides itself in being at the forefront of customer support. Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust are their core Brand Values which drive their endeavour of providing the ultimate bathing experience enhancement products with attractive designs. Automatic controlling of the temperature via a thermostat ensures your family’s safety. They have a long life when used under optimal conditions and are easy to maintain. Your next level of showering experience is only a step away.

About Triton Showers
Based in Warwickshire for over three decades, Triton Showers has been at the heart of bathrooms in the UK. They power the satisfying showering experience of more than 2 million bathing aficionados in the UK every day. The product portfolio at Triton Showers spans the entire collection from Electric Showers to Power Showers and Digital Showers to Mixer Showers. Functional to the heart and incredibly stylish, their prices are extremely affordable.

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