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Hudson Reed – It’s Good To Shower

If there is one thing that you will notice about Hudson Reed products, it’s that they are absolutely gorgeous, especially if you are fond of contemporary design. Sure, it might sound silly to call a shower beautiful or stunning, but that is exactly what they are. There are tons of different styles and model to choose from. However, regardless of which one you pick, we love that the designers at Hudson Reed took significant time to craft and create one of a kind products that will make any home absolutely gorgeous.

My favorite showerhead by Hudson Reed is the Reign showerhead. I love the play on words because the Reign showerhead is actually a “rain” showerhead, with a large base that allows water to cascade down on you like a waterfall. It’s incredibly relaxing, and it will invigorate you each and every day that you use it. In fact, it’s so incredible that you will have a hard time actually stepping out of the shower and going to work!

Hudson Reed Reign

Not only are the showers at Hudson Reed incredible, but their taps also embody that sleek simplicity that they are known for. This one, the Clio tap, has a very distinctive design that is unique and perfect for someone who craves a minimalist home. We love that it has a small eco footprint but that it still works just as well as any other tap.

We also love that Hudson Reed is committed to developing new technologies that make the lives of their customers easier and more luxurious. In fact, bringing new technologies to the market is one of their primary goals as a company. Take this shower panel, for example.

Hudson Reeds

There’s no question that it’s so good to shower with this panel. The reason is that this panel has such incredible water pressure, you’ll never want to leave. Like all Hudson Reed products, it is also incredibly appealing to look at and will make your bathroom feel sleek, modern, and new.


Similarly, the chrome shower panel above from Hudson Reed has a futuristic look to it that would look incredible paired with an all white marble bathroom. This panel has a lot of interesting and unique features, like touch controls and body jets. This shower panel is absolutely perfect for  someone who is an athlete or works out every single day because you can get instant muscle relief that is even better than an expensive massage.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you try out a Hudson Reed product? Hudson Reed is one of the fastest growing suppliers of showers, taps, and other bathroom accessories. They are known for their incredible finishings and unbeatable quality. The company started only 25 years ago and has experienced considerable growth due to their client satisfaction and their status as “Investors in the People” The company continues to grow and to expand, always keeping an eye on maintaining the beauty in their products. Try out a product today and see the quality for yourself.

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