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QS Supplies Review on Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower

QS Supplies Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Aqualisa Digital Showers are some of the most innovative pieces of technology to hit the home market in recently years. Digital showers offer an incredible blend of versatility, functionality, and style, making them a great addition to your home if you are looking for a small upgrade with a big impact.

If you have been living somewhere cold this winter, you know how annoying it is to hop in your shower and wait for the water to warm up. Well, with an Aqualisa digital shower product, you don’t have to. You can actually turn on your shower without even stepping it, setting it to the perfect temperature for you and your family. It’s safe and functional too.

The best part is that Aqualisa quartz digital showers are actually extremely affordable, with some of the lowest prices available in the market. You can get them online at QS Supplies. The quartz showers are so popular because they look completely sleek and gorgeous in person and work with both modern and traditional décor.

Aqualisa also supplies digital remote switches, which is an incredibly safe solution for people who want to set their own temperatures. The best part is that you can actually use this switch in correlation with your digital shower, allowing you to actually turn your shower on and off without even being in the bathroom!

You also have the option of purchasing a wireless remote, which allows you to turn your shower on and off from up to 10 meters away. It’s actually powered by electromagnetic technology, so you don’t need any batteries or a power supply! Not only that, but the design is modern and sleek, making it a great addition to your design aesthetic.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the gadgets that allow us to enjoy quartz shower, but let’s look at other showers from AQUALISA. Many of the other shower designs have an incredible chrome finish, which instantly upgrades your bathroom to have a 21st century feel. Look at the Pictures below to know more about AQUALISA Showers.

Aqualisa Dream Showers

Aqualisa Dream Shower

White Aqualisa Showers

White Aqualisa Shower

Mega Mixer Aqualisa Showers

Aqualisa Midas showers

Mega Mixer Aqualisa Showers

The showerhead of Aqualisa Digital Shower is removable and extends quite far, allowing you to hit all of your sore muscles with highly pressurized hot water. If you don’t like the chrome look, don’t worry. Aqualisa also offers unique graphite version that might match other fixtures even better than chrome.

Essentially, buying an Aqualisa quartz digital shower is a small and easy upgrade. For less than 200 pounds, you can add something to your bathroom that is highly computerized and makes your bathroom seem like it’s completely up to date. Not only that, but digital showers are known for being incredible safe because of the ability to set your own temperatures.


So, if you are looking for all those great benefits plus the option of being able to turn on your shower from your bed, then we think that the Aqualisa digital products will be absolutely perfect for you!

Look at the AQUALUX Video Below to Know More About Installation of AQUALISA Quartz Digital Shower and How Digital Shower Works. Additionally you can also download the Technical Installation File for Aqualux.

How Digital Shower Works

[youtube id=”SRY8snrNtac” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Installation of Quartz Aqualisa Digital Shower

[youtube id=”PvpSeh98_9E” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Apart from Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower, they also manufacture Quartz Electric Showers and is available in different versions, which are 8.5kw, 9.5kw Electric Shower White and Chrome, 10.5kw Electric Shower Chrome. Brochure of this electric showers can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower PDF File



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