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QS Supplies Review on Twyford GEO6 and Hydr8 Shower Enclosures

QS Supplies Review on Twyford Geo 7 and Hydr8 Series. We Rated – 4.5 out of 5

Many of us like to keep things fresh and exciting. We change our hair, try new restaurants, and take different routes to work. Sometimes things can get boring in our homes, too. We spend so much time in our bathrooms each week; why not start with a change there? If you’ve been thinking about a remodel or update for your bathroom, look no further than Twyford shower enclosures. These upgrades will give your whole bathroom a facelift.

We Reviewed Twyford Bathroom Products and below is our opinion. Twyford shower enclosures come in unique styles to fit many needs. On top of their brilliant designs, Twyford carries a strong reputation for quality and durability. We especially love the Twyford GEO6 series and the Twyford Hydr8 series. Both product lines have impressive designs to instantly transform your bathroom into a place you want to spend more time in.

Twyford 2 Panel Bath Screen

This functional and attractive design is great on many levels. First, it’s so much more eye-catching than a shower curtain hiding your bathtub. It also has a sleek cut of rounded glass for added appeal. Its chrome accents, like the built in towel bar, are stylish and modern, but the greatest feature of this enclosure is its ability to block off or open up your shower. Swing the hinged panel shut for an enclosed shower that contains more water and traps more steam. Open the panel for long soaks in the bath or when not in use. The Twyford GEO6 2 Panel Bath Screen can be installed on bathtub/shower combinations that are open on the left or the right side.

Twyford D Shape Quadrant

The Twyford Hydr8 D-Shape Quadrant is an ultra modern and compact investment for small spaces. Not all bathrooms are suited for large, spacious showers, but that doesn’t mean space saving showers can’t be luxurious. The rounded exterior makes the most of the available space with curved, sliding glass doors. Magnetic door closures and high quality safety glass keep water exactly where it belongs. This design is customizable for taller individuals. Unlike most Twyford shower enclosures, this design does not include a towel bar due to its curved nature.

No other shower enclosure can open up a space quite like this one. The Twyford Hydr8 Walk Through Shower Panel is the perfect solution for creating the illusion of a larger bathroom when you can’t knock down walls for a major remodel. While not suited for everyone, this contemporary and minimalistic design will be the focal point of your bathroom should you select this bold style. The strong glass wall installs directly to the floor, which means you won’t have issues with water leakage. The extra long towel bar included will hold multiple towels with ease.

Updating your shower space is the ideal way to make a big impact in your bathroom. There are many ways to create additional functionality, save valuable square meters, and make your bathroom feel more open and airy. So, when you want to modernize your bathroom, why not do so with a Twyford shower enclosure?

How do you dream of updating your bathroom?
QS Supplies Reviewed and Rated Twyford Hydr8 and Geo6 4.5 out of 5
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  • Awesome steam showers, my family had a unit hooked up about 5 years ago
    and it may possibly do with upgrading, would never get a dull or boring old standard
    form of shower again

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