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Learn How To Decorate For An Asian Inspired Bathroom

Sometimes home owners want a more international influence in their life.  Usually it’s in the form of a craving for Thai food, but other times it’s been brought on by a gorgeous Indian inspired scarf or watching a room receive an Asian inspired makeover on the television.  You don’t have to go to Asia to quickly spot the distinctive décor that categorizes these rooms.  They’re often marked by open and light spaces, clean lines, and natural furnishings.  Essentially, Asian inspired décor is popular for a good reason.

If you’d like to bring some Asian flair into your home, the bathroom is a great place to start.  That’s because Asian décor is uncluttered, and getting ready for your day in an uncluttered environment will promote relaxation and clarity of thought.

Where do you start?  You can, of course, do a major overhaul of your bathroom, but you don’t have to renovate to achieve the look overall.  You can start by replacing a few key fixtures in your bathroom.  The Imperial Linea Vessel Bowl Unit is a terrific place to start.  The natural light oak finish and slatted wood and glass doors make this piece contemporary and very Asian-esque.  If you prefer a few more dark colors for a striking contrast, this unit is also available in a wenge wood finish.  To complete the look, go for open bowl sinks like the one pictured.

Imperial Bathroom

Fixtures are another great upgrade to make because they are affordable and make a big impact.  Introduce more relaxing sounds into your bathroom with the gentle flow of water from the Deva Sparkle Tall Mono Basin Mixer Tap.  This faucet will replace the typical rush of tap water with a calmer waterfall flow.

Deva Sparkle

If you currently have a bathtub and want to open up your space, consider a glass bath screen to replace that old shower curtain.  Your space will feel larger and less cluttered, not to mention that glass will allow more light around the room.  Simple glass bath screens, like the Simpsons Semi Frameless Triple Bath Screen are perfect for achieving all that and more.  Bath screens are easier to keep clean than shower curtains and are a more modern look.

Semi Frameless

Mirrors are a natural focal point in bathrooms.  Most of us can’t resist sneaking a peak to make sure our hair is in place or if we need to reapply some makeup.  Selecting a simple mirror without any sort of ornate frame will compliment other simple pieces in your bathroom.  Also, large mirrors do wonders for opening up and bringing more light into a space.  This Heritage Mirror, with its light oak finish, was practically made for the sink unit above.

Heritage Bathroom Mirror

In addition to the furnishings and fixtures above, remember to keep your Asian inspired bathroom simple and open.  Go for colors that are found in nature, especially hues of green and tan.  Incorporate different natural textures like wood, pebbles, and greenery.  If you remember these basic elements, you’ll be well on your way to creating a relaxing and beautiful Asian inspired bathroom.

What is your favorite feature or characteristic of Asian inspired décor?

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