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How To Re-Model Bathrooms For Hotels

When we travel, the bathroom is an important factor for most of us when choosing, where we are going to stay.  Of course, most of the guest don’t always know what the bathroom is going to be like before, they show up for my stay.  However, if the bathroom isn’t up to their standards, they usually won’t stay there again and would also not recommend that place to their families and friends.  But if the bathroom is spacious, has great lighting, is updated, and has top of the line amenities, they would be loyal to that hotel brand or chain for all their future travel needs.

A bathroom remodel can be a great way to take a hotel from ordinary to extraordinary.  Simply put, bathrooms can be memorable.  With the right fixtures and stunning design, hoteliers can create a space for guests that keeps them coming back.


On the happy occasions of family holidays and long getaways, bathroom space and layout are of the upmost importance to keeping everyone on good terms in close quarters.  When everyone has to get ready at once, and you don’t have the luxury of multiple bathrooms, open space is key to making sure no one person hogs the bathroom.  If you’re sticking with the traditional bathtub versus a standalone shower in your remodel, choose a long, rectangular tub.  The Harrow Idealform Plus Bath is of superior quality and offers a great deal of space whether a person chooses to run a bath or to take a shower.

Re Model Bath

One secret to adding additional shower room without physically taking up valuable bathroom space is by installing a curved shower rod.  The Croydex Premium Telescope Curved Shower Curtain Rod is economical and attractive.  It expands the width, or elbow room, of the shower space, giving the illusion of an extra large shower.

Croydex Towel Rail

One important, but often overlooked feature for traveling business professionals and hotel conference attendees is proper lighting.  It’s essential that these guests maintain their appearance and look their best for the work day ahead.

Great lighting does wonders for getting the perfect shave or applying makeup evenly.  The RAK Van Gogh Backlit Mirror is perfect for this.  This super sized mirror creates a glowing canvas of exceptional, even lighting.  This mirror is also fogless; its inner heating element is ideal for winter as well as keeping the surface clear during a steamy shower.  This feature will save guests time by eliminating the need to wait for the mirror to clear before continuing with their morning routine after they step out of the shower.

Bathroom Mirrors

If a hotel room isn’t perfect, almost anyone can put up with it for a few days time, but what if there are guests looking for a slightly longer arrangement?  Guests with an extended stay of a week or more will find comfort in modern, thoughtful amenities, and updated details and finishing touches can make all the difference in their choice of hotel. So, providing hairdryers, an extra robe or towel hooks, and storage space for keeping toiletries handy are great ways to cater to extended stay guests.  The Bristan Solo 3 Tier Towel Shelf offers guests extra space to unpack their suitcase and feel at home.

Stylish Mirror


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  • Very good post Mo. You’d always expect bathroom fixtures and fittings in a hotel to be of substantially better quality in the best hotels. There’s no reason why this quality of design can not be reflected in the home; good quality can come at affordable prices these days.

  • hi Mo, i would like to suggest you some more ideas for your re-modeling of your hotels bathroom.
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