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QS Supplies Review on Triton Touch Shower

Gone are the days of turning on your shower tap, impatiently standing outside with an outstretched hand in the water, waiting for what seems like forever for an acceptable temperature of water flow.  Better yet, gone are the days of turning on the shower tap and mindlessly jumping in to frigidly cold or scalding hot water before remembering to check the temperature.  Does this sound familiar?  We’ve all been there, and that’s no way to start your daily routine!  Every home with an electric shower should experience the convenience and luxury of the Triton Touch.

Triton’s state of the art Touch electric shower heads are nothing short of a truly customizable experience.  The sleek touch screen interface features a flat screen with digital temperature readings.  When you find your perfect shower setting, program the temperature in for quick access.  With the touch of a button, your ideal shower will be ready in a matter of seconds, which means you’ll know what to expect every time.  The Triton Touch shower heads even regulate and stabilize temperature fluctuations that can happen with other electric shower heads.  Imagine having stabilized temperature control throughout the entirety of your shower no matter the water usage in other parts of your home.  You’ll never be unpleasantly surprised when someone flushes the toilet while you’re in the shower again.  Pure bliss.

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Triton Touch shower heads are certainly cool enough for the tech guru in your household, but they’re also user friendly for all ages.  The illuminated controls are easy to see in all levels of lighting.  Each operation is clearly displayed on the digital screen as you make each selection.  This smart device will even alert you to low water pressure.  Is your current shower fixture smart enough to do that?

Despite the electronic features, this shower head is safe and easy to clean.  The glossy flat screen panel wipes off easily, as does the chrome spray nozzle.  You won’t harm the electrical components during cleaning either.  For convenience, the Triton Touch comes in two varieties of power ratings: 8.5kW and 9.5kW.  Both models have a built in soap dish and five nozzle spray patterns.  Each Touch comes with a two year guarantee by the well known and respected Triton.  Installing a Triton Touch is easy.  Multiple water entry points in the back of the unit make it easy to install in numerous positions and locations within your shower.


Ultimately, Triton Touch shower heads are a great way to update and modernize your bathroom.  The chrome, black, and white finishes are easy to fit into virtually any décor, making them both visually appealing and contemporary. Basically, it’s like beauty and brains in the same package.

So, if you can relate to hot and cold fluctuations or showers taking way too long to heat up, why not invest in a truly remarkable piece of technology for your bathroom today?

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Our Rating 4.5 out of 5.


Measurement of the Triton Touch Shower Given Below.




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