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Use Online Resources Before Starting A Remodeling Project

You’ve come to the right place if you’re about to embark on a bathroom remodel adventure.  Using online resources is the easiest and fastest way to gather information and research products.  While you should always try to see major bathroom fixtures in person before buying, you can see a larger variety of fixtures in a shorter time frame by looking online.

First things first, make sure you have a general idea what you want to do.  The Internet has more bathroom pictures than you can possibly imagine.  Get ideas about what you definitely like and don’t like by searching for images.  Save your favorites to reference throughout the remodel process.  You may find your dream counters in one picture, an incredible bathroom layout in another, and the perfect shower from another still.  It’s great to combine ideas from many pictures; this way you are making it your own.  The drawback to online research is that it can be hard to get a sense of true size.

Next, write down your current bathroom dimensions.  Take those measurements to some bathroom showrooms to visualize what fits in your space.  While there, write notes or take pictures to help you remember what you liked and didn’t like.  You may very well find that bathrooms begin to run together in your mind if you don’t find a way to keep track of what you’ve seen.  When you’re outside of your home, pay attention to the bathrooms of homes and businesses you visit.  This is an excellent way to see the functionality (or not) of real bathrooms.  It’s perfectly acceptable to repeat these steps numerous times before settling on a plan.  When you have looked around enough, decide on a contractor for your remodel.

Bathroom Remodelling

Ask around for recommendations on local contractors or read reviews online.  Compile your bathroom ideas and remodel plan and select at least three contractors to interview.  Show them your plans and ask for a quote.  It’s also a good idea to ask for references from each contractor you are considering.  Between your meeting with them, their references, and their quote, you should be able to decide which contractor you’ll work best with.  If none of them have your full confidence, move on to a new group of potential candidates.  A remodel is important to get right the first time.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your current bathroom before any work begins.  You’ll love having the before and after pictures to reflect on the wonderful investment you made.


While the construction is going on, begin making a bathroom accessory list.  From your plan you probably already have a theme or décor in mind.  Finding the right accessories is a crucial part of finalizing the look and tying everything together.  Visualize everything you do in your bathroom, and decide what accessories you need and what accessories would contribute to a great bathroom atmosphere.  Take that list shopping with you.  If you’re comparing products and exploring your options, try to buy most of your accessories at one time.  It can be very frustrating to put off the purchase only to discover that particular line of accessories is no longer being sold.

Throughout the process, be sure to follow up with your contractor to monitor progress and expenses.  Plus, seeing the changes will keep you excited about the gorgeous bathroom you‘re about to have.

What would your dream bathroom remodel look like?

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