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Why Mira Showers Are Superior in United Kingdom

When you are considering buying a shower set for enjoying a scintillatingly refreshing bathing experience, you should actively consider going in for Mira Showers, a leading brand in the UK since 1921. With a mission statement of being your first choice in showering by offering innovative design and high quality, Mira Showers has successfully enabled thousands of showering enthusiasts to experience the highest level of aqua comfort, and made it their preferred brand.


Innovative showers for all preferences

From the regular mixer showers to the highly advanced digital and electric showers, Mira Showers offers you the widest range of showers in the UK. For achieving the desired temperature by mixing the water from both cold and hot supplies, the mixer showers are highly popular with discerning customers. To eliminate the need for physically adjusting the shower settings for getting the required water temperature, Mira Showers also offers the state-of-the-art digital showers, where you can digitally set the required temperature and the shower will maintain it throughout your bath. If there is a limited hot water supply in your bathroom, the electric showers from Mira Showers are ideal, as they only take water from the main cold water supply and pass it through a heating element positioned inside the shower.


Shower enclosures give you a refreshing aqua experience

Along with the latest showers, Mira Showers also offers you contemporary shower trays and enclosures to complete your showering experience. The styling is absolutely modern, and the specially toughened safety glass ensures top notch quality. The two ranges of shower enclosures, Mira Beam and Mira Flight ACE, are designed for delivering excellent performance and hassle free installation. With a variety of permutations and combinations offered by the showers sets and shower enclosures, your showering session will truly be a fabulously refreshing experience.


The ‘digital’ experience

On the Mira Showers website, you can access the latest information on their different products, along with continuously updated articles which will assist you in buying what you are looking for.  You can browse through their shower selector tool which will guide you step by step through the selection process and shortlist only those products which meet your requirements. Once you have finalised the product, you can buy it online through their highly encrypted and safe payment gateway. If you plan to get your shower system installed by professionals, there is a section on the website which outlines detailed instructions on how they should go about it.


After sales service with a smile

Given the strict quality standards which accompany all Mira Showers products, it is highly unlikely that you will need any after sales service. However if the need arises, their dedicated and fully trained support team of 60 technicians across UK is at your beck and call, and you can even send is a service request from their website. Using only genuine Mira spare parts they will ensure a perfect job every time, which, in turn, will ensure your complete peace of mind.





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