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How Placement and Selection of Products Go Hand in Hand

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may think it’s as easy as buying new appliances.  After all, a remodel is just a change or an update, and new products would certainly be a change for you.  As much as a successful and expertly done remodel is about selecting the right products, it is also about the appropriate placement of those products.  It isn’t enough to have quality products or great room flow, because one without the other could leave your remodel lacking.  The combination of quality products and proper placement for an effortless flow around the room will leave you immensely satisfied with your new bathroom long after the construction is complete.

If you’re just embarking on the remodel adventure, check out some of our other resources to help you get started.  We’ve talked about design elements and accessorizing your bathroom.  We’ve also weighed in on how to choose the remodel contractor that’s right for the job.


Begin by looking online, in magazines, in bathroom showrooms, on television and in other homes and commercial bathrooms to gather ideas about what you like and dislike.  You may like to organize your ideas digitally on your computer or by keeping a physical file folder.  When you’ve looked at enough bathrooms, your distinct style will begin to emerge.  This will help both you and your contractor to choose the right products that are uniquely you.

Always look for products constructed of high quality materials by names you trust.  We offer many prestigious brands, such as Duravit, Heritage, Imperial, Roca, and Twyford.  With companies like these, you know you’re getting top of the line products.  With your style in mind, it’s easy to pick appliances from the same product line to complete the look you’re going for.  For example, Imperial makes a gorgeous line of products for a rustic feel.

If modern, clean lines are more your style, check out Roca.



You can’t go wrong with any of the products that QS Supplies offer, but staying within the same product line makes it especially easy to coordinate your flawless look.

As mentioned above, the second key is placement.  When you walk into your bathroom, where is your eye automatically drawn to?  Architecturally speaking, is it a specific part of the room or is your eye drawn to a feature?  Next, ask yourself if you like that about your bathroom or if you’d like a different focal point.  Perhaps you’d like a luxurious bathtub to be the star of the show, like in this Twyford bathroom.  By sheer virtue of adding a contrasting wall behind the tub with elegant down lighting, this tub could be placed anywhere in a bathroom and still be the center of attention when you walk in the room.


It’s also very important to keep the measurements of your bathroom in mind throughout the remodel process.  Unless you intend to make the room larger by knocking down walls, you don’t want to choose products that are too large or place products in a spot that reduces floor space.  Look at numerous placement options with your contractor to choose the plan that suits your needs.


How would you describe your style?  Do you have a favorite brand or product line?

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