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Which Bathroom Accessories to Select at the Time of a Bathroom Remodel?

In all the flurry, excitement and even stress of re-modelling your bathroom, it can be easy to forget about buying accessories. Sure, your fixtures and fittings are very important when you’re re-modelling, but don’t forget that it’s the accessories that are really going to give your new room an individual stamp and a touch of style. So which accessories do you need to think about buying?

Towel Racks

A great towel rack is an essential feature in your bathroom, and there are so many different kinds to choose from. Do you want a free standing rack, or do you prefer one that’s attached to a wall? Free standing gives you the opportunity to move the rack around if you need a bit more space, or even if you just fancy a change, but an attached rack will free up floor space, which can be important in smaller rooms.

Another decision that you’ll need to make is whether you want to go for a heated towel rail or not. Having hot towels whenever you get out of the bath or shower is certainly luxurious, but don’t forget the logistics of installing a rail that’s going to need to be connected either to your electric network or to your central heating system!

Towel Rails


Racks and Holders

You’ll also need to think about other kinds of racks or holders. These range from soap racks for beside the bath, shower or sink, to toothbrush holders and everything in between. Fortunately, many places sell such accessories in sets, so you can get everything that you need in one place and you’ll know that everything will match.

If you’re going for a more individual look, or maybe a vintage style room, then you might want to consider buying such accessories separately though. They won’t match, which will lend your bathroom a more unique air, but you should try to find pieces that complement each other.

Bathroom Accessories Sets Smedbo




Window Dressings

If your room has windows, then you’re going to need to think about how you’re going to dress them, and there are a lot of choices. Do you want curtains? Drapes? Blinds? In general, the best solution for bathroom windows tends to be non-fabric based window dressings, plastic blinds, for example, since these won’t be liable to get mildew or mould from being in a humid environment like your bathroom.

Bathroom Blinds


Bath Mats

You’ll probably want to think too about floor protection, including mats to place in front of the bath or shower, in front of the sink, and maybe even in front of the toilet. The days when your only choices were plastic backed fabric mats are long gone, and these days you’ll have plenty of different options.

Again, a concern with going for something fabric based is that it could be subject to mildew and mould later on, and it will also require frequent washing to keep it hygienic and bacteria free. One solution to this problem is to go for wooden mats; these are slightly raised to let water better drain out of them, and are a popular and stylish choice.

Croydex Bath Mats


Storage Options

There are just so many things to store in the bathroom, from extra cosmetics to spare towels and even toilet paper, yet storage is something that is ignored by many people when shopping for a remodelled room. You may already have some form of storage depending on which fittings you choose for your room, but you might want to consider more.

Free standing shelves are a great addition to any bathroom, and will give you plenty of room to store all those extra bits and pieces. Again though, if you’re dealing with a smaller room and want to save some floor space, then you might want to think about shelving that screws directly into the wall.

There are some very elegant storage solutions available for bathrooms, including things like small stools which have internal storage and additionally give you somewhere to sit while you’re waiting for the bath to run, or somewhere to put your clean clothes whilst you’re in the shower.

Don’t ignore table space either. Even though this is a bathroom, many designers these days are using small tables to display items or to keep magazines or toiletries on.

Bathroom Storage



Finally, the last piece of your perfect bathroom is going to be some beautiful new towels. You might want to go for matching sets in keeping with your décor, or you might prefer to go for something more eclectic, but there’s no doubt that some beautiful, luxurious towels are going to be the final touch for a stylish bathroom.

Look for towels that are thick and fluffy, and cotton is the best material for drying hands and bodies. Turkish or Egyptian cotton towels are going to be the highest quality that you can buy, prices are a little higher than for normal towels, but the soft touch of a high quality bath towel can be worth the extra price.

Remodelling your bathroom can be a stressful time, but you can’t afford to forget about your bathroom accessories. These accessories will give your room character, and they’ll also make your new bathroom a calm and relaxing place to be so that you can recover from all that remodelling stress!


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