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Bathroom Quote of the Day

Think bathroom signage is for public toilets only? Think again, there are some great bathroom quotes that you can post in your bathroom to both give instruction and add a little humour to your room. Better still, frame your sign as art work. What kind of quotes are we talking about here? Read on and find out!

What a Bathroom Quote Can Do?

Adding signs to your bathroom can be a matter or style, and basic entertainment. But it can also be a matter of keeping things clean and reminding others of how the room should be treated. There are two basic kinds of signage that you can hang in your bathroom, either instructional or humourous.

Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayer

The most important thing to consider, after deciding which of these two forms you’re looking for, is where to hang your sign. Whether over the toilet, next to the wash basin, or even on the back of the door, you’re going to want to make sure that your quote is fully visible to all that come into your room.

Instructional Bathroom Signage: Part One

The first kind of instructional signs are those that remind people to wash their hands after they’re finished in the bathroom. Obviously, failing to wash hands can spread disease in your home, and whilst most of us do remember to wash our hands most of the time, we’re all guilty of forgetting every now and again, and younger bathroom visitors might need the reminder.



The image above and below, which not only lists reasons for hand washing, but also famous adages about cleanliness is a tasteful way of reminding visitors that hands need washing without directly telling them to simply wash their hands. For a private home this is a diplomatic quote to hang next to your wash basin.


Life Like a Bar of Soap

Two Little Hands

Instructional Bathroom Signage: Part Two

The other kind of instructional sign that you might want to think about are those reminding people to keep your room clean. Cleaning a toilet is not most people’s favourite home chore, even more so when you weren’t the one that made the mess in the first place, and a simple quote can encourage bathroom visitors to clean up after themselves.

If You Sprinkle, When You Tinkle

There are a variety of ways that you can go about this. The traditional form of this sign is the old “if you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be sweet and wipe the seat” as seen above. Of course, you don’t need to go the traditional route. There are some nice, new alternatives available, such as this toilet decal shown below, which simply says “keep me clean, use me well, what I see I’ll never tell.”

Keep Me Clean

For persistent offenders, such as family members or house mates, then you might need to get more to the point with something like the image shown below, which directly addresses the issue, rather than using humour to try to get people to do as you wish, though you might want to remove your sign before visitors come!

“Humourous Bathroom Quotes”

If you’re simply looking for something to add a touch of humour or style to your bathroom, then you’ve certainly got plenty of choices. Given that people are only going to be spending a few minutes in your room, you’ll want to keep your message or joke short, just enough to provide a short chuckle as hands are being washed.

Home Heart

Something like the image shown above is perfect, rather than saying “home is where the heart is” the sign pictures a toilet and says “home is where you poop most comfortably,” which most of us would probably agree with!

You’ll need to keep the humour relatively clean, in order to avoid offending visitors, but most people will appreciate a quick and unexpected jolt of humour when visiting your bathroom.

Sign Forms

Once you’ve decided what you want your sign to say, you have several options for how to get your message across. Of course, you can simply design a quote yourself and print it, maybe even frame it. Many home improvement shops sell pre made signs as well, and some will even have stickers than can go on bathroom mirrors.

Maybe the most modern solution right now is decals. These are basically sticky letters that can be stuck onto a wall, or even onto the toilet itself, or a mirror, to get your quote across. You might also want to try stenciling a quote in paint on your wall.

Putting up a bathroom quote can serve a couple of purposes, educating or entertaining, and will also add a bright spot to your room. However you decide to convey your message, whether a pre-made sign or a stencil, and whatever you decide to say, a quote can make your bathroom a friendlier place to be. Plus, this simple décor touch is relatively easily replaced, so you can change your quote just as often as you’d like.

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