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2014 – What Would Be New in Hotel Bathroom Design

When you visit a hotel you expect your room to be a nice one, particularly if you happen to be paying top £’s for it. You also expect your bathroom to be special too, but in most cases they are all pretty much the same. This is unless you’re staying in a luxurious hotel, then you’re likely to find a pretty amazing bathroom suite.

So what’s new in bathroom design, what are future hotel bathrooms going to look like, and how stylish will they be?


Made by SaphirKeramik, a whole new range of washbasins are about to hit the scene and they happen to be something very special. Made from an incredibly light material, the range is a classic looking but modern one that offers a truly unique look. This range allows those who have the sheer pleasure of designing bathrooms to think again about one of the most important rooms in the hotel.

Laufen Bathroom Basin


These washbasins challenge and change designs and makes each and every bathroom potentially more hygienic and the furniture even more durable. What’s more is these basins also happen to be very thin which means there’s scope for more space as well as a different level of minimalism. If you’re looking to create that minimalistic yet clean look, the SaphirKeramik washbasins should be taken into consideration.

Also have a look at this futuristic Bathroom From Laufen.

Laufen Basins


Helping to reduce the level of water consumption, WC’s made by Laufen may become a feature in many hotels across the country. With the ability to produce an effective flush using just 2 litres of water, hotels will be able to mean their sustainability guidelines and reduce their water charges. Using wall-mounting fixtures, these WC’s can also be installed incredibly easily and will hide a lot of the less than aesthetic pipework.

These easy to install and maintain WC’s will also help to promote hygiene and their smooth ceramic surface ensures that they are attractive and functional.


Musical Bathrooms

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Estonia, you may have the chance to enjoy staying in a room that has a musical bathroom. While some people prefer to listen to music in the bedroom, there are those who love nothing more than to enjoy a few tunes while they soak in the tub.

With delicious brown mosaic tiles and very soft lighting, these bathrooms really are something else and have to be seen to be believed. With heated floors, you won’t have to worry about stepping out the tub onto a cold surface. The heated floor also gives you that extra feeling of luxury and it helps each of the bathrooms to be a little more user-friendly.



The tubs in these beautiful bathrooms also come with a thoroughly modern yet utterly sophisticated egg-shaped bathtub. The shape of the bathtub exudes style and makes using it just that little bit more special.

This is the bathroom design of the future, and is one any bathroom designer needs to consider because why should the music stop just because you’re having a soak in the tub?

Copper Bathtubs

Copper bathtubs have pride of place in high class hotels that only the rich can afford to stay in. With a touch of sophistication, these tubs add a whole new dimension to the bathing experience. Every time you step into the tub you are taken back centuries to those times when all bathtubs were made wholly of copper. This elegant finish on a free-standing bathtub is one that every visitor will adore and is perhaps the future of bathing.

Copper bathtubs finish off bathrooms very nicely and make an interesting feature as well as adding that touch of sophistication we all adore.

Copper Baths

The Smooth Marbled Look

With European mosaic tiles made entirely from glass, bathrooms in every hotel have the potential to be stunning. The dark mosaic not only adorns the floor, but it also flows up the walls and onto the countertops. Eco friendly light fixtures light up the whole room and make it an incredibly beautiful one that sets itself apart from any other.

The light marble effect countertops stop the room becoming too dark, and the wood-effect walls opposite the mirror give it an extra special touch. This style bathroom is ideal for those high-end hotels that want their guests to enjoy staying in a suite that has an incredibly beautiful bathroom.
The oval and delicately finished tub adds that much-needed bit of light to a potentially dark bathroom and gives it a whole new dimension.

Marble Bathrooms

This smooth marbled look is one that needs to be considered by many designers. It offers a touch of class and sophistication, but also that level of comfort and elegance you need from a top-class hotel bathroom.

The above designs are some of the most respected and much loved ones that you can find the world over. They are becoming increasingly popular so it is likely they will be found in more and more better quality hotels.

The design of the bathroom is changing, and it will continue to do so as long as there are huge changes in bathroom design and technology. This means we could all be seeing these wonderful and luxurious designs in bathrooms across the world in the next few years, and we’re very happy about that.

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