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Do you need a bath tub to satisfy the basic necessity of cleansing your body? Or would you like to experience a soul-touching bath while pondering over life in a pool of water? The need for quick showers and baths is fulfilled by standard baths, shower baths and even corner baths. But if you are a big fan of aromatherapy and bathing then you may dwell upon a few creative options such as massage therapy and intricate shapes that cater to your body.

Bath Types:

This guide along with the knowledge of the available space in your bathroom would help you on your way to a perfect bath. Advisably, you should bear few more factors in mind before deciding to shop. Judiciously, looking for the right size of the bath depending on the space available; smaller baths can be apt for cleaning up whereas bigger or larger ones can be perfect for reclining and conveniently soak in; secondly, the right location of the drain, upon which the tub can be positioned and placed; do you prefer screens, surrounds, showers, shower doors, or walls. Further, you may want to meticulously plan to have something that would be apt for your home and bathroom decor. You may consider integrating a bath that assures longevity and can be futuristic.

Standard Baths

Imperial Baths

Available in contemporary and traditional settings are the single ended rectangular bath, fashioned in standard layouts. More examples of Standard Baths can be found here.

Corner Baths

Corner Baths

Corner baths are the ideal solution for space crunches resulting from an odd shaped or small bathroom. See More Examples Here.

Shower Baths

Shower Baths

Shower bath is a crucial component of the bathroom as the name suggests, it is a midway solution for those who opt a quick shower for lack of time but return to soak themselves during leisure hours. Available in standard and a host of other varieties – square edged and round edged: commonly known as L and P shaped are very popular for extra space they offer to the elbow during shower.
See Different Shapes of Shower Baths Here

Steel Baths

Kaldewei Steel Baths

Porcelain enamelled steel baths or simply steel baths are preferred for their better heat retention property and resistance to germs and mildew safeguarding hygiene. Have a look at the examples here.

Double Ended

Ideal Standard Baths

Double ended baths accommodate two bathers at a time with two identical ends for each bather to face the other. The bather is treated to a lounging experience with back rests inherently designed on either end of the bath. See the shape of these types of baths here.

Whirlpool Baths / Jacuzzi

Whirlpool Baths

Get creative with these luxury installations. How many jets do you want? 10? 20? 30? We even have 40+ jets for you. Before getting one of these, you definitely want to look into the creativity corner of these bath brands so as to get a full picture of the indulgence you’re about to dive into! Definitely these mean a lot of water to heat, so make sure your water heater is up to the task. Examples can be found here.

Roll Top Baths

Roll Top Baths

The Roll top baths look special and elegant with round frames or rims and are universally seen or widespread for their natural look. If you prefer more sitting and reclining space, then the slipper tubs are ideal, for there’s a lot of back resting space in these types of baths. Furthermore, the platform tubs can also thought as an option. Apparently, these tubs are pressured or sunk in a platform to look natural in diverse styles of bathrooms. As the name suggests these roll tops are elevated above floor level to avoid the risk of decay and fungus. In addition to its freestanding feature that attributes to better hygiene, a roll top’s curved edges facilitates the bather to enjoy a longer lounging experience in the bath.

Inset Baths

Undermount Baths

Inset baths or built in baths are favoured for their alcove settings which are a great way to address space scarcity thereby achieving more room and elegance through concealed under mound baths.

Bath Size:

After determining your bathing area, you may choose from bath sizes ranging from 900 mm (90 cm) up to 2400 mm (230 cm).

Small (900 mm – 1699 mm):

For your bathroom to appear spacious, it would be advisable to opt for smaller, space-saving baths or just a shower space. Appropriate colour scheme and lighting around the mirrors along with bath panels in clear glass would enhance the aesthetics applied to your bathroom.

Average (1700 mm – 1799 mm):

The normal bath size is 1700 mm which is an accepted norm for all mid-size to large bathrooms. These are readily available to suit and adapt to your requirements in designs, accessories and budget.

Large (1800 mm – 2400 mm):

Increasing your average bath size up by even a 100mm can work wonders. The benefits of a relaxing stretch become a daily reality. Options such as a large double-ended whirlpool bath become a rewarding experience for you and your loved ones.

Available Material


Acrylic baths can be easily cleaned, they posses natural warmth and are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. Molded into soft contours, acrylic bath tubs offer smooth edges which have are forgiving in case of a slip or fall.


This is a reinforced layer on an acrylic tub that renders it high durability and strength as compared to cast iron and steel baths. They offer rich and superior gloss finish with anti-bacterial quality. They are often found in hotels, spa, gym and modern bathrooms where design, durability and quality are never compromised.


Carronite finish instills extra strength and heat retention. It enables heat retention which would keep your long soak session uninterrupted. Carronite has an additional 25% slip resistance in comparison to cast iron or enameled steel bath thereby increasing your safety chances.

Enameled Cast Iron/ Porcelain

They come in high gloss with rich hues. These are very heavy and thus experience slow discontinuation. They are difficult to maintain, susceptible to scratches and cracks. These are cold in texture and costlier than acrylic ones.

Enameled Steel

Steel with porcelain enamel coating is the best option if you have a tight budget. Although it comes with drawbacks such as surface coating wearing away and zero heat retention.

Bath Depth

While more depth sounds alluring for that perfect dip, keep in mind the cleaning problems you are bound to face with a deeper tub. In case you want it at a certain height from the floor, you can consider raising it up on a platform. Adding leg sets can get you in a playful mood.
If you have mobility problems, consider investing in a walk-in option for ease of getting in and out.

Process of Remodelling

If you’re in the process of remodelling your house or refurbishing the existing setting to give a new look and if your bathroom has spacious area or is large in size, you can always plan to have a large bath, which will assure convenience and soothing bliss, due to the big room space. You can always opt for a large sized standard bath tub that has wide interior space and convenient and attractive exterior. Some of them are spacious to the extent of being able to accommodate two people at a time. You can also choose the place where you’d like to place or install it, for there are versatile bath tubs that can fit at the corner, or against the wall or even in the centre space of the bathroom.

Supposedly, a mock exercise can always help you in selecting the right one, like lying in the bath tub prior to making up your mind; also, you can get information about some important components like water heaters that have the capacity to generate sufficient hot water for the tub, or if any strengthening of the floor is required, so that it can sustain the weight of the bath conveniently. Also, determine the position or location for the spout or drain for the bath.

You can also choose between freestanding and recessed versions. Sublimely classic in look, the freestanding versions also have some advantages; they do not need any special provision for faucets, like holes or outlets. Easily installable and myriad styles are great pluses of this bath. Rounded at the ends, their stand or foot appear beautiful in claws shape, with drains in the middle of the baths, which make it convenient for usage.

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