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Duravit Inipi B – The Sauna advantage – like never before

Known for its credentials of creating wonders with its exhilarating and enlivening Bathroom products, Duravit has coloured the phase with new pulsating optimism. Duravit lets you live your imagination. No doubt, when innovations and imaginations converge, a new revolution takes place! Inipi B Sauna has been a design most aspired. Duravit, with its collaboration with the Austrian designer trio EOOS, has chimed the phase, giving a revolutionary health solution. The

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Why One Needs to Bath or Shower Everyday

Bathing or showering is extremely important, but do we need to bathe or shower every day to keep up with good health? According to the perceptions of the modern society, one needs to bathe or shower every day to stay healthy. Studies have found, children who go to school without bathing or showering, are inactive & lazy; they lack confidence in anything they do. It’s the same with elderly people

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Steel Bath versus Acrylic Bath

Baths and bathing have as long a history as civilisation itself as there has always been a need for humans to wash and bathe. The first baths to be introduced in the UK was that of the Roman bathhouses; thanks to their ingenuity, they created a whole new bathing culture very different from the one we know today, but certainly, they had to develop into the bath each of us

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The birth of sensor taps – The real boon

The birth of sensor taps has come in part, thanks to innovation in design and technology. Also, we need to amply express our gratitude to the dire need to reduce the amount of water used both by businesses as well as the general public, which has consequently given birth to the need for the sensor taps. With the UK population set to grow up to 70 million by 2027, no

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How Home Radiators Work

To chart the history of the lead-up to the modern day radiator, we have to go back to the Roman Times where the basic form of central heating originated. Much like today, the Romans used a heating system to warm up their villas, but unlike today, this was a system without radiators. Known as a hypocaust, the heating method they used acted as under-floor heating where heat was fed through

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Heat Up Your Bathroom With Towel Rails

While the UK might not be home to snow filled winters, we are notorious for having bone-chillingly wet weather, all year round. In fact, Manchester had 128 days of rain in 2013. That’s 128 days when it would have been lovely to come home to your towel rails and the warming towels that they so conveniently provide. Heated towel rails not only keep your towels at the perfect “just came

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Our Journey To Modern Bathrooms

I entered my bath as I usually do on weekends (the shower takes care of weekdays) but as I lowered myself into the warm pool of water easing my senses I began to marvel at the progress and the innovation we have witnessed in every sphere of life, especially baths. I have 24-jets tied with eyeball fittings to spray in multi-directions covering every imaginable angle to have a soothing effect

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Ideal Bathrooms Collection – Essential Range

Ideal Bathrooms is well known for manufacturing high class bathroom products. Recently Ideal Bathrooms have added a new shower bath and a range of bath screens to their Essential Range. Shower Bath in essential range features stunning design and have a generous showering and bathing area. 1700mm long and 710mm wide and with L Shape design, Essential shower bath from Ideal Bathrooms would be the right choice for mid-British bathrooms.

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