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Consider Rimless Technology for your new bathroom suites

It’s not often that a new feature on a toilet grabs the headlines. However, the world of bathroom suites has been hearing all about the new edition of the RAK Ceramics Bathroom Range for 2012 – the new rimless toilet in the Compact Range. So what’s all the fuss about? Why should a rimless toilet make such a mark in the world of bathrooms? After all, some people may know

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Heat Up Your Bathroom With Towel Rails

While the UK might not be home to snow filled winters, we are notorious for having bone-chillingly wet weather, all year round. In fact, Manchester had 128 days of rain in 2013. That’s 128 days when it would have been lovely to come home to your towel rails and the warming towels that they so conveniently provide. Heated towel rails not only keep your towels at the perfect “just came

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Our Journey To Modern Bathrooms

I entered my bath as I usually do on weekends (the shower takes care of weekdays) but as I lowered myself into the warm pool of water easing my senses I began to marvel at the progress and the innovation we have witnessed in every sphere of life, especially baths. I have 24-jets tied with eyeball fittings to spray in multi-directions covering every imaginable angle to have a soothing effect

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Ideal Bathrooms Collection – Essential Range

Ideal Bathrooms is well known for manufacturing high class bathroom products. Recently Ideal Bathrooms have added a new shower bath and a range of bath screens to their Essential Range. Shower Bath in essential range features stunning design and have a generous showering and bathing area. 1700mm long and 710mm wide and with L Shape design, Essential shower bath from Ideal Bathrooms would be the right choice for mid-British bathrooms.

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5 Great Reasons to change your existing bath to a Whirlpool Bath

The history of the modern whirlpool bath can be traced back for thousands of years. Interestingly enough, the first consisted of nothing more than hot stones placed within a natural geological formation known as a caldera to create bubbles. It was during the Roman empire when these devices first became extremely popular with the general population due to their supposed restorative qualities. While the fall of this empire witnessed a

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What is a Clearshield Glass ?

The Clearshield glass protection system in shower enclosure, shower screen is an award winning barrier which is applied to all Aquadart enclosure as standard. What are the benefits of Clearshield Glass ? Creates a Non Stick Surface Resists Limescale build up and water spots Easier to clean and Keep Clean Maintains the pristine apperance for longer Hinders bacteria growth for a more hygienic environment. So How Does Clearshield Works The

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Simpsons Shower Enclosures

QS Supplies have showcased the full range of Simpsons Shower Enclosure. Simpsons shower enclosure are one of the finest shower enclosure in UK Market. The Classic Mode Walk-in shower enclosure from Simpsons is ideal for minimalist, open-plan bathrooms. It consists of just two panels to form the enclosure. With wall-to-glass framework and no door, this simple, stunning enclosure offers space-saving properties and a spa look. Easy to install, the Classic

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Learn How to Decorate Your Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom is the easiest way to change the look and feel of the entire room. Even adding some of the smaller, more traditional little touches to your bathroom can greatly change the entire feel of the room. While the traditional options are fairly easy to come by, adding in unique, one of a kind decorative pieces can be slightly more difficult. When you get a little bored with

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Hands On Review Of Taps From Imperial Bathrooms

Imperial Bathrooms are justifiably a byword for quality and inspirational design in today’s market. With a full range from distinctly classical to outstandingly contemporary to select from, their products aim to truly satisfy customers sourcing the best possible products to bring their dream bathroom to life. Imperial Bathrooms are proud of their British heritage and tradition. Firmly established in the traditional ceramic manufacturing region of the Potteries, the family-owned business

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